Child-friendly Homes: A Must for a Happy Future


Homes are places where we fall back to relax, rejuvenate, and reenergize for a better tomorrow. Children although, require more than just a home, they need a functional child-centric home for overall development. Houses play an important role in kids’ development and learning, eventually shaping them into responsible and able adults of tomorrow.


The places that children spend the most time in, i.e. their homes, should be their safe spaces, and allow them to spread their wings in every possible way. For any home to be child-friendly, safety, security, a good neighborhood, playing areas, activity areas, etc. are a few of the basic requirements. However, only a few homes have all of these amenities present.


Kid-Centric Homes: The Way Ahead


As a solution to this problem of having child-friendly homes, we’ve been seeing a rise in a specific category of homes called Kid Centric Homes. As the name suggests, these are housing projects but with numerous facilities and amenities centered around the nurturing and development of growing children.


Kid Centric Homes go beyond the traditional notion of a family home, creating an environment that fosters growth, exploration, and endless possibilities for kids. Mentioned below are the features that make a home truly kid-centric –



  • Proximity to schools, parks, and recreational areas for easy access to education, outdoor activities, and sports.
  • Safe and family-friendly neighborhoods with low traffic and a sense of community.
  • Availability of amenities such as libraries, community centers, and entertainment options.

Size and Layout

  • Sufficient square footage to accommodate the needs of a growing family, with designated areas for children’s activities.
  • Open floor plans that allow for easy supervision and seamless flow between spaces.
  • Multiple bedrooms and play areas to provide children with their own personal spaces.

Safety and Security

  • Childproofing measures, such as safety gates, outlet covers, and window locks, ensure a secure environment.
  • Non-toxic building materials and finishes to promote the well-being of children.
  • Fencing or gated communities provide an extra layer of protection.

Sports and Extracurriculars

  • Backyard or shared community spaces equipped with playgrounds, sports courts, and areas for outdoor activities.
  • Access to swimming pools, biking or walking trails, and other facilities that promote physical fitness.
  • Proximity to sports clubs, music or dance studios, and art centers for children to explore their interests.


  • A crowd of similarly aged children with a focus on families, providing opportunities for kids to socialize and make friends.
  • Community events and programs that encourage interaction between children and their families.
  • Nearby schools and childcare centers that foster educational growth and social development.

Ashiana Umang: Jaipur’s Largest KCH


Ashiana Housing continues to be a pioneer in Kid Centric Homes in the country. We currently serve more than 1300 families across our KCH projects. Our largest premium Kid Centric Homes project, Ashiana Umang, is located near Mahindra SEZ and adjacent to Jaipur’s employment hub. This location is perfect for daily commuting between school and home. Plus, it’s conveniently close to several prestigious schools in the area, giving you peace of mind about your children’s education.


At Umang, we offer a wide range of facilities to make your child’s experience truly exceptional. From basic amenities and 24×7 security to sporting facilities like walking and jogging tracks, net cricket, lawn tennis, and a dedicated kids’ play area, there’s never a dull moment for your little ones.


But that’s not all – our central Learning Hub is the heart of Ashiana Umang. Here, your child can explore their interests and participate in various activities like dance, music, art & craft, reading, and theater. We believe in nurturing their talents and providing a space for them to grow. What makes our Leaning Hub stand out is our signature ‘Live and Learn’ program wherein, multiple planned activities are conducted for the children which target both left-brain and right-brain activation, and focus on the holistic growth of the children.


Our in-house club is an additional delight, featuring a swimming pool and a separate kids’ pool for some splashing fun. For fitness enthusiasts, we have an AC gym, and for those who enjoy friendly competition, there are table tennis and billiards facilities. And when it’s time to refuel, our spacious cafeteria is the perfect spot for socializing and grabbing a bite to eat.


At Ashiana Umang you can get 2BHK or 3BHK high-rise apartments, with comfortable and spacious living spaces for your family. With prices starting from Rs. 46.25 Lakhs, we provide an excellent investment opportunity as well as a perfect home for families seeking a nurturing environment.


Join us in unlocking a world where your child’s growth, development, and happiness take center stage, and make Ashiana Umang your ‘Behtar Parvarish ka Pata’.


Click here to learn more about Ashiana Umang.


A final word


Kid Centric Homes are most certainly the way ahead. In today’s world which is full of pollution, crowd, traffic, tensed parents, tight work deadlines, etc. kids require a place where they can relax, enjoy, and get nurtured while doing all the same. In a world that is getting increasingly dominated by technology and screens day by day, we do need a place where children can ditch the screens and focus on real-life activities, playing with friends, socializing, taking part in events, playing sports, and whatnot.


Kid Centric Homes, help us as parents to give a perfect development environment to our children, for their better future, and consequently, for a better future altogether.

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