Trial Homes: Experience Senior Living Before Buying

A retired ex-army man, Raju Thambi, lived with his wife Shobha in Chennai. They have a 38-year-old son, Nitin who lives in the USA with his wife and children.

Well into their 60’s, the couple, was looking to move into a quality Senior Citizen Home in India. They were screening various senior living homes to find the one that offered the right facilities and amenities required to lead an independent and happy retired life.

Shobha expressed her concerns as she heard experiences of her friend who had recently moved into a senior living home. “My friend Radhika shared that while it looked all fancy on papers, the actual issues showed up only after they started living there. The food served to them is extremely spicy. She also mentioned that the quality of maintenance is not up-to-the-mark and there are serious plumbing issues in the toilets.

Raju then gave a call to Nitin and shared their predicament. Nitin spoke about the concept of demo apartments, prevalent in the US and advised them to find out if any builders offered the option in India.

Raju and Shobha liked the idea of trial homes.“We shortlisted a couple of senior living homes in South India which we liked and then planned to stay there for a couple of days in their trial stay homes. The idea was to experience the lifestyle and the facilities offered by them. During our stay there, we had meals at their dining areas and participated in the various recreational activities, apart from following our daily routine.”

Raju and Shobha then finally decided to book a home in Ashiana Shubham in Chennai.Shobha said “ We really liked the ambience and the facilities offered by them. There are plenty of green and open areas along with age-appropriate facilities.”

She added “We met few of the residents and found them very friendly. We also had the chance to learn about the senior home from their opinions and comments. They spoke highly about the project and the way the maintenance team takes care of them. So we decided to spend our golden years living in Shubham. As per our experience till date, it is the best retirement home in India.

Raju and Shobha have now been living in Ashiana Shubham for the last one year. They recommend trial homes unequivocally. ”Opting for trial home cleared all our doubts and made us go ahead with the decision to move into a Senior Home of our liking more confidently. Had we not tried living here, we would have never known what a wonderful community this is for seniors like us.”

*This blog is based on a real-life testimony shared by one of our Ashiana Shubham senior living residents. Names have been changed to maintain their privacy.

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