Grow Old Gracefully – Senior Living as an Option

The only thing that comes to us without effort is ageing. Celebration requires no age bar; it raises its followers by its silhouettes.

Surprisingly studies have shown that seniors are among the happiest groups of people and are significantly happier than their middle-aged counterparts, so will the next generation continue the same trend and as we age can we continue living a purposeful life!!!

A life full of freedom, dignity and learning, where we affect more people’s life by doing something we enjoy. It could be as simple as learning music and then strumming an instrument to make the atmosphere for our friends nicer.

Looking at the celebrations, passions, and learning we created a space for the seniors so that they can fulfil their desires. We called these ‘senior living’ where there is ample opportunities and facilities to refresh their passions. Our formation stands for healthy and happy senior living so that they feel free to choose a lifestyle they want for themselves post-retirement.

It has been seen that an increase in life expectancy, plus knowledge about senior living, are helping our seniors to choose senior living as their option and their children cheer them as they learn new passions.

When we planned our senior living we looked at these pillars of successful ageing as a guiding factor for planning:

Social-Research has shown that social interventions can help prevent many illnesses. Also pursuing passions and personal dreams can. At our senior living, we have created an activity center with an activity in-charge to conduct activities like Art & craft, dance, cookery, Drama etc. for the residents. We also have games like carom, chess etc, sports like Table Tennis, Billiards/ Pool etc., hobby rooms , music rooms etc. for the residents.

Physical and emotional wellness-One of the things I have realized is that there is a direct correlation between emotional and physical health. If you lack physical health, then there is a high chance to lose emotional wellness and if you lack emotional wellness then it can lead to low physical health.

By pursuing passion and having enough friends and support system in our senior living, we see our residents achieving better emotional health. We have heard many stories of residents coming out of depression. And the yoga sessions to morning walks to using the gym or swimming pool we see so many seniors enjoying a better physical health.

Financial-There is always a great feeling when you have financial freedom and this creates a different sense of independence. When you are financially secured then you have a lot of sense of decision making and a sense of dignity which helps you live a better and more fulfilled lifestyle. In our senior living, a sense of ownership of your own unit creates this financial freedom.

Spiritual-Spirituality is when you can connect with the spiritual source of strength to face scared moments, wisdom and joy. It gives the strength to remain optimistic and grateful forever. When you achieve this sense of strength then it makes life happier. We all know we will have a life full of ups and downs and at that time to have the strength of spirituality is critical. I am not sure but I see so many seniors in our projects have this strength, I am not sure how they achieve the same but it is there. I would love to learn how.

I hope more and more seniors achieve these successful pillars of ageing and some would choose senior living as an option to achieve it. Does not matter how we achieve it, what’s important is to live a happy fulfilled life.

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional!

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