How do homes promote curiosity in Kids’ Learning?

The place that we live in decides our overall personality in more ways than we can possibly imagine. Especially, in the case of growing children, the surroundings affect a lot in their habits, elocution, interests, and overall development.


With the onset of technology and its unchecked involvement in our lives, we have rendered small children susceptible to the world of technology and gadgets and screens. In often instances, we use screens to keep our children engaged. This is not only wrong morally but also has a toll on their overall health.


It is very crucial that we as parents, find ways to keep our children engaged in activities that are both fun and learning. It might not occur to you, but homes play a major role in keeping children engaged and curious. We are not talking about standalone homes as they lack any kind of extracurricular activities.


We are talking about Kid Centric Homes! KCHs are just like simple housing societies which are developed keeping in mind the overall growth and development of growing children.


Our Kid Centric Homes come equipped with all the basic amenities as well as multiple sports and leisure facilities like –

  • Piped LPG
  • Power Backup
  • Garbage Collection
  • 24×7 Guards and CCTV
  • Intercom Facility
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Open & Basement Parking
  • Utility Shops
  • Learning Hub
  • Skating Rink
  • Half-Basketball Court
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Swimming Pool and kids pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Billiards & Table Tennis
  • Indoor Badminton
  • Kids Play Room
  • Media Hall
  • Party Hall, etc.

At Ashiana kid-centric homes, life is much more convenient for you as parents, as well as for children. All the sports or extracurriculars are located on the campus itself, which means no more moving around the city to find music classes or tennis courts. Having all the facilities on campus not only makes the children independent from a young age but also provides extra free time to parents from their busy schedules.


The neighborhood in standalone houses may or may not be a good one. But neighbors in our Kid-Centric Homes are no less than family. Both kids and adults make friends in no time and all the residents live like a community, always helping each other.


Our Kid Centric Homes are strategically located near prominent schools as well as offices, to reduce the commute time.


Ashiana’s Kid Centric Homes come with a unique Live & Learn program. Through this program, we conduct various activities for the children ranging from Singing, dancing, painting, and sketching, to reading, elocution, creative writing, etc. These activities can be both pre-planned as well as impromptu. These activities are led by instructors and children get to discover their hobbies and interests through them. Further, children get a chance to brush up on their passions and discover more of them.


Another unique program of ours is our Supermoms program. As the name suggests, this one is a program for all the mothers in our KCHs. Supermoms is a community where all the mothers can meet, discuss activities for children, have kitty parties, conduct awareness campaigns, and many more. This program is dedicated to the unparalleled efforts that the mothers put in for their children!


No doubt that children go to schools to gain knowledge but not everything is taught at schools. At our Kid Centric Homes, we conduct various activities that are a whole new learning experience for kids. For example, cleaning drives every once in a while to inculcate the values of cleanliness in children and teach them that it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep their surroundings clean.


Other such activities including – gardening, helping with cooking, teaching underprivileged children, etc. inculcate good values in children that can only be learned at home.


When such activities are being conducted in a timely fashion, kids become more curious by nature. For such curious kids, we have Learning Hub and Library. Learning Hub comes up with new instructors periodically to teach something new to the kids every now and then. Our library consists of books for children of all ages.


For children who aspire to be the prominent sportspersons of tomorrow, we have various sports facilities and by facilities, we do not mean just the grounds and courts. Our KCHs have instructors for all the sports who not only teach children the particular sport but also take regular sessions to further encourage their interest.


Live & Learn, Supermoms, Learning Hub, Library, Sports Facilities, Environment-Friendly Activities, and many more. These are the perks that your children get in Kid Centric Homes and that too all at the same place. No standalone house can match this level of facilities.


We currently have Kid Centric Homes across four locations i.e. Bhiwadi-Delhi/NCR, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Sohna-Gurgaon. Soon, we are launching a new Kid Centric Homes project in Gurgaon in Sector-72. Stay tuned to our website to get the full information on early-bird discounts.


Take a look at our Kid Centric Homes –


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