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Kid Centric Homes are slowly and steadily climbing up on the popularity ladder among parents. In today’s world when in most cases both parents are working, it does get tough to take proper care of children. At the end of the day, we all have to rely on gadgets and activities that can often be harmful to children like movie nights, video games, etc. All of these are okay once in a while but screens affect our children more than we might realize. We should prioritize books over games, which not only develop a reading habit in the children but also lets them explore their creativity and imaginative thinking. Similarly, there are other alternative activities that can be done with/for children in order for their better overall development.


However, along with work and busy lives, all of this is not as simple as it sounds in theory. Hence, the popularity of Kid Centric Homes. KCHs are just like usual housing projects but with added facilities that focus on the growth and development of children. KCHs come with multiple sports facilities, activity areas, events, hobby classes, etc. where children can play, learn, enjoy, and make friends all along the process.


Some of the key aspects that Kid Centric Homes focus on are –


Designing for Play:


KCHs prioritize play as an essential aspect of children’s development. Design elements such as open floor plans, soft flooring, and plenty of natural light create an inviting space for children to play, explore, and learn. Play areas can be designed to stimulate the senses, such as a sensory wall with different textures or a mini rock-climbing wall.


Child-Friendly Furniture:


Most kid-centric projects have furniture that is both safe and functional for children. Furniture that is appropriately sized for children and made from safe, non-toxic materials not only keeps children safe but also encourages independent play and learning. Child-sized tables and chairs, bookshelves, and storage units help children learn how to take care of their things and stay organized.


Learning Through Art:


The teams at kid-centric homes encourage creativity and self-expression through art. Art spaces can be incorporated into the design of the home, such as a dedicated art room or a chalkboard wall in a playroom. Art supplies, such as paint, markers, and clay, can be readily available for children to use when inspiration strikes. Children can learn important skills through art, such as fine motor skills, creativity, and problem-solving.


Space for Physical Activity:


An ideal kid-centric home provides space for children to engage in physical activity. This can be a designated playroom or an outdoor play area. Physical activity helps children develop gross motor skills, strength, and coordination. Indoor spaces can be designed with climbing walls, obstacle courses, and other equipment that encourage physical activity.


Learning Through Books:


KCHs encourage reading and literacy by creating spaces for books. Reading nooks or libraries can be created in common areas of the home or in children’s bedrooms. The design of the reading space can be made inviting with comfortable seating and soft lighting. Reading not only helps children develop literacy skills but also expands their imagination and creativity.


Hands-On Learning:


With proper research into the development of kids, KCHs prioritize things that are most beneficial, like hands-on learning opportunities. Sensory activities, such as sand or water tables, help children learn through exploration and experimentation. Cooking and baking activities help children learn math skills and develop an understanding of nutrition. Science experiments and building projects encourage problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Nature-Inspired Design:


Most good Kid Centric Home projects are designed with inspiration from nature. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and plants can be incorporated into the design of the home. Natural light and views of the outdoors can create a calming and inspiring environment for children. A connection to nature can help children develop a love and appreciation for the environment.


Ashiana Kid Centric Homes


We at Ashiana Housing are the pioneers in the segment and have delivered multiple new and innovative Kid Centric Homes across various locations. We currently serve 1300+ happy families across three projects. All our KCHs provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids where they can learn while having fun, play with friends, develop new hobbies & interests, and make the most of their childhood. In an environment like ours, kids develop to be responsible adults and multi-faceted personalities of tomorrow.


Jaipur’s Largest Kid Centric Homes


Ashiana Umang, our project near Mahindra SEZ, in Jaipur, is the city’s largest Kid Centric Home and is truly a ‘BehtarParvarish Ka Pata’ with a great location, multiple kid-centric facilities, a signature learning hub, and leisure facilities for parents.


Ashiana Umang, which is located near Mahindra SEZ and adjacent to Jaipur’s employment hub, is ideal for working parents. Children can easily stay home after school and participate in various activities at Uamgn that contribute to their overall development. The project is also close to several prestigious schools, including Jayshree Periwal International School, Delhi Public School (DPS), J.D International School, St. Xavier’s School, Radcliffe School, Kidzee Play School, and others.


The facilities that you’ll find at Ashiana Umang include the complete set of basic amenities as well as sporting facilities like –


● 24×7 Security with Gurads and CCTV

● Power Backup

● Piped LPG

● Garbage Collection

● Common Area Maintenance

● Open & Covered Parking Space

● Convenience Store

● Walking & Jogging Tracks

● Net Cricket

● Lawn Tennis

● Kids Play Area

● In-house Club


There’s also a central Learning Hub at Umang where children can participate in various activities like dance, music, art & craft, reading, theatre, etc. At the in-house club, you’ll find a swimming pool, a kids’ pool, an AC gym, a kids’ playing area, table tennis, billiards, a media hall, a badminton court cum multipurpose hall, and space for a cafeteria.


You can get 2BHK or 3BHK flats in AshianaUmagn and make this your ‘BehtarParvarish Ka Pata’ starting from Rs. 46.25 Lakhs only.


Our Latest Kid Centric Homes in Gurgaon


Recently, we launched a new KCH in Gurgaon named Amarah by Ashiana. Located in Gurgaon’s Sec-93, Amarah boasts unique amenities centered on four attributes: Learn, Nurture, Support, and Care. The environment is thoughtfully curated to encourage children to learn, explore, and unwind, fostering their development into well-rounded individuals. Spanning 22 acres and 6.7 acres of green space, Amarah features a 27,000 sq. ft. (2508.36 sq.m) clubhouse, serving as a primary recreational hub for families and children. The development also includes a modern “Learning Hub,” providing opportunities for arts, crafts, music, dance, reading, and other hobbies.


Dedicated sports areas, such as swimming pools, net cricket, tennis, and basketball courts, are also available. Amarah has reintroduced the traditional street playing concept with its Play Street Area, encouraging fun, laughter, and engagement with parents and friends. Featuring a dry fountain, hopscotch, treehouse, maze, and other amenities, this street offers an unprecedented experience for children.


Our other innovative playing areas include a Doorstep Playing Area which is located at the entrance of each block so that toddlers can play and enjoy themselves just by stepping out of their homes. We also have an Adventurous Playing Area where grown-up children can enjoy rope climbing, tunnel play, maze adventures, etc. In addition to all the basic amenities, Amarah comes with some modern additions like –


● Central Feature Tree

● Party lawn

● Stepped Plaza

● Stepped Green Terrace

● Seating with Pergola

● Yoga Lawn

● Dog Park

● Water Cascade

● Canopy, and Gazebo, and many others.


Phase 1 of Amarah was a grand success with the majority of the flats being sold out on the very first day. We are now thrilled to announce the launch of Phase 2 of Amarah. This new phase consists of 2BHK or 3BHK flats that are designed to cater to the modern-day lifestyle needs of our customers. The flats are available at a starting price of 62 lakhs only,




Kid Centric Homes are the need of every modern household where both parents are working. The role of KCHs in providing a healthy and nurturing environment to the kids is incomparable. At KCHs our children not only get to make a lot of friends and have a lot of fun but also turn out to be better human beings with multiple social activities as well. For more information on Kid Centric Homes, visit our site.

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