How Senior Living Homes Bring Communities Closer?

Gone are the days when retirement homes in India were looked at in a bad light. In the current scenario, senior living in India are no more like old age centers, but help in building up close communities. Many of us confuse retirement homes with the nursing homes. However such is not the case. To clarify these further let’s start with the definition of Retirement homes.

What are retirement homes/ senior living homes?

To state it, retirement homes / senior living homes are privately owned facilities designed to provide accommodation to the senior citizens living in their later years. It is a perfect fit for those who wish to maintain their lifestyle while also getting onsite support and care concerning health.

Some senior living communities also provide assisted living homes or care homes. Care homes offer 24X7 care with trained nurses, caregivers and doctors on call. This facility is essential for those seniors who became dependent after a certain age or due to some medical reasons like dementia, arthritis, paralysis etc.

Elders in the retirement homes love their freedom, are smart and do not need any support. To briefly state it, they can take care of themselves. This is also an essential characteristic that one shall inculcate because families living in metro cities are generally working.

Residents at Ashiana Senior Living Bhiwadi.

Retirement homes in Chennai are also for those senior citizens whose kids are living overseas, and they do not want to travel abroad. At the retirement homes, there is no negative energy involved, these are the homes for bonding, fostering friendships and looking at life from a fresh perspective through various fun-filled activities. Seniors living here are more active, independent and healthy.


How they bring communities closer

No more loneliness

Seniors often suffer from loneliness. With the kids getting busier day by day, elderly people are left alone at homes. However, in senior living homes, they do not feel the same. These are the homes that bring people together for community activities which take place daily. Therefore, seniors are always meeting and interacting with peers and like-minded people.

Building Community

Living on the land of traditions and ethnicity and having a wide-spread geography, retirement homes in Delhi/NCR facilitate their residents to celebrate each day with utmost enthusiasm and happiness. Here, senior citizens from all walks of life come together and blend in each other’s culture and traditions. Every festival is celebrated with full pomp and show, and each faith is equally respected. This is what makes every retirement home different – perfect grounds for community building.

Activities Galore

To provide with attention to the elderly people’s health, swimming, yoga and other exercises are taken into consideration. Travelling with a whole new group to unknown and unexplored destinations, seniors are always ready to experience something new. Senior living then gives them an edge to live life to the fullest.

Assisted Living & Perfection

As mentioned above, senior living homes do not mean nursing homes. One might call them luxury senior living homes, because of all the facilities and an infrastructure that suits all their age requirements. For example, the floor, the tiles, wheelchair accessible, bigger switches, the grab rails in toilets etc., every little thing is taken care of, for senior people. Medical assistance is available 24*7.

In India, retirement homes / senior living homes are increasingly becoming the favourite place for seniors to spend their rest of life. Even from a market perspective, it is creating quite a stir. They help in bringing the communities, people from different backgrounds together, irrespective of their different cultures and traditions. In the near future, Ashiana Housing Limited is partnering with the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) for a Senior Living Conclave to bring the industry together to do more for the Senior community.

senior living in Chennai goes beyond the collection of walls and windows. It stands as a strong pillar to the senior citizens, who aren’t dependent on anyone, even their kids to live a better lifestyle and meet all their needs. They form strong bonds of friendship, enjoy all those things that they might have missed out due to being busy raising up their kids earlier. Ashiana Housing understands the importance of senior living and has built senior citizen homes in India to tell the oldies that they are no less than gold and deserve every bit of love and support from the world.


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