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Senior Living Communities are becoming increasingly popular in India. Gone are the days when there were only old-age homes in the name of Senior Living, that were too dingy, and depressing! The world is adapting Senior Living Homes and so is India. These are just like normal homes in gated communities, except, they’re specially built and architectured for Senior Citizens. They are gaining due popularity as they provide a natural, healthy, active, and social environment to the Senior Citizens.


Why to move?

It is important to know, in the first place, why should one move to a Senior living facility! After retirement, most people who live with their families start to feel a bit inactive and lonely at times. Due to kids getting busy in education and adults in their jobs and their lives, many of us are unable to pay due attention as well as take due care of senior citizens. Hence, moving into a community that –

  • consists of similarly-aged individuals
  • has routine activities
  • provides meals as well kitchen options
  • is designed senior-citizen friendly
  • has on-call doctors and a medical store on campus,

Senior Living Homes consist of independent flats in buildings that are ideally 3 to 4 floors tall. They have various age-friendly design tweaks and perks like-

  • Wheelchair-accessible campus
  • Anti-skid tiles
  • Grabrails in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Chamfered Corners and edges
  • Night Lamps
  • LED indicators on switches
  • optional meal provision
  • OPD service and on-call doctors
  • 24×7 Nurse and ambulance
  • Tie-up with prominent hospitals in the area

SLHs provide a sense of independence to senior citizens while at the same time taking care of their health. Life at a Senior Living Community is active and hassle-free. Family members can visit the residents anytime and even stay with them for some days. In most Senior Living Communities various sports, yoga, jogging, walking, prayers, etc. are encouraged. It has been observed that residents in a Senior Living Home are more active, healthier, and happier than those in their homes. This is a result of the community living where neighbors become friends in no time. They celebrate festivals together, participate in various activities, play games, eat together, and whatnot!


When to move?

Ideally, moving to a Senior Living Home is a decision you should take after retirement. As then, you’re officially free from any burdens or work whatsoever. Being free, you can make the most of your time enjoying in Senior Living Community. As a senior citizen, you should understand the perks of Senior Living and convince your family about your decision. As a family member, you can convince your parents to opt for Senior Living considering the health benefits and active lifestyle.

Senior Living Home is not just a place where senior citizens live, but rather a lifestyle. A lifestyle that keeps you active, fit, and healthy at all times. SLHs usually have a routine for their residents which is designed keeping in mind-

  • timely meals
  • physical activities
  • resting time
  • social activities

Without making them feel tired. SLHs don’t make you feel like a senior citizen at all. At a Senior Living Home, you’ll be no less than a young adult, with an active, social and healthy life.


Senior Living Homes vs. Care Homes

Senior living homes are fit for senior citizens who do not require any special care or attention on a daily basis and can easily take care of their daily activities. Senior Living homes do come with nurses, OPD, on-call doctors, etc. but for general health purposes only. Residents at a Senior Living usually do not get a specialised care and attention.

Care Homes provide 24×7 assistance and care to the senior citizens. There might be individual rooms or shared rooms depending upon the need of residents. A caregiver is always present for every resident and they are trained professionals. Doctors are present on the campus and routine checkups are done. Assisted physical activities are conducted. Assistance for routine activities like bathing, washing, etc. is also provided if the need be.


Social life at SLHs

We humans have always been social animals and the absence of a social life can lead to serious health issues. However, being social is no less than a challenge, especially in old age. In typical urban families, kids and adults aren’t able to spend due time with senior citizens, owing to their buying lives. Moreover, for senior citizens living in standalone houses, they’ll have to be very lucky to have similarly-aged people around.


This problem is solved in a Senior Living Home. At any age, we relate and bond the best with people our own age. When Senior Living Homes provide the residents with a community of like-minded and similarly-aged individuals, the bonding is great, and the days are spent quite well. This experience can never be matched in individual living.


With time, Senior Living Homes are also evolving with more and more facilities to offer. Earlier SLHs didn’t offer much in terms of leisure facilities like swimming pools, gyms, badminton courts, etc. but with time more and more Senior Living Homes are providing all these facilities in addition to the basic amenities. People at SLHs live together and play together. SLHs are not just an amalgamation of facilities, but rather communities that provide senior citizens with a great living experience.


Ashiana Senior Living

Our Senior Living Homes are well-architectured and designed keeping in mind the nuances of old age. We take care of our residents round the clock. All of our Senior Living Homes come with –

  • Wheelchair Accessible Campus
  • Grabrails in Wet Areas
  • Chamfered Wall Edges
  • Night Lamp in Master Bedroom
  • Light Switches with LED indicators
  • Skid-Resistant Tiles
  • Medical Room
  • OPD Service
  • On-Call Doctors
  • 24×7 Nurses and Ambulance

In addition to all these, our residents get all the amenities that any house shall have like –

  • Concierge Service
  • 24×7 Security Guards
  • Power Backup
  • Piped Gas
  • Geyser
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Covered and Open Parking

We have daily planned activities for our residents to promote an active life. Our credibility and quality of work are well attested by our 1800+ residents and awards and recognitions. Recently, in 2021, we once again got the Award for the No. 1 Senior Living by Track2Realty, 5th year in a row!

If you wish to experience the lifestyle at Ashiana Senior Living, you can do it virtually by simply visiting our site. You can also book a trial stay with us! Read more about our Senior Living Homes, and explore projects, here

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