“JASHN” at ASHIANA Senior Living

A two-day extravagant annual event ‘Jashn’ is an inter Ashiana Sports and cultural festival which has been organised by Ashiana from the year 2014. All seasons of Jashn has been witnessed through different themes, different competitions and full of enthusiasm. The event is gaining in popularity year after year.

Pre-Jashn activities start before a month back from the event which includes various competitions and activities like walking competition, rangoli making, knitting competition, singing, dancing, TT, swimming, carrom competition and many more. Every year more than 200 participants take part and enjoy the event to its fullest. More than 1200 Ashiana Senior Living residents from all locations gather at one place for finale and gala event for two days and staff there get a feeling of camaraderie and positive vibes. Every location make a saperate team and cheer their teammates with warmth and zeal is an unavoidable part of “Jashn”.

I won a prize first time in my life,” said a resident, while another exclaimed, “I performed for the first time in front of a large crowd”.

Prof.Rajamma, 85+ young senior from Ashiana Shubham Chennai broke all barriers bagging first prize along with her daughter in duet dance competition in Jashn-3 held at Lavasa.

Here are some more heart touching experiences shared by Ashiana Senor Living residents about their annual event and their feeling about Jashn.

“The unbelievable hospitality, environment and happiness. We never imagined such an atmosphere”

Exclaimed Mr. & Mrs. Murthy , Ashiana senior Living Chennai.

“It is this unlimited happiness which draws me to Jashn year after year,”

Mr.Punam Singhvi, Ashiana Senior Living , Lavasa.

“I have done cycling after 40 years here all because of my friends here in Utsav, always encouraged me to participate. Very nice experience, thank you Jashn.

” Usha Gaba resident Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi“

I always come to join Jashn as I feel good to see the excitement of elders. I see my mom playing TT and swimming. This is the life she enjoys here. Whenever I called her, she shares her day’s incidents exclaiming – today I did this with friends, or today we have this plan, so I feel wow if life is like this after retirement I am waiting for this life.

” Anshika Jain Arora daughter of Ms. & Mr. D.P. Jain residents Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi.

“Jashn was a beautiful journey. I loved participating in the walking competition and won 1st prize, not even a bit tired. Jashn hi Josh hai.

” Mandakini Chauhan resident Ashiana Utsav Lavasa

“My Nani always talks about Jashn. She told that she participated in salad making competition and won.This year I came to see what this event is all about. I was amazed to see how joyful and fun-filled event is it for our grandparents. I am delighted to see my Nani enjoying such a nice life here.”

Tanya grandchild of a resident Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi

“I am feeling thrilled as I won 3rd prize in a cycling competition. I bought a new cycle for my pleasure and practised only two days and won the price. It is a great feeling that I cannot even express. Loved it!”

Sashi Sharma, Ashiana Nirmay Bhiwadi

“We have one 1st prize in dual dance completion, I have never danced in my life and step up on the stage before, but the way they encouraged us and help in practising has made it possible, I am very excited and happy. ”

Lakshmi Moorthy resident Ashiana Shubham Chennai

Love, care, bonding, friendship, laughter and happiness all around is all outcomes of this annual event “Jashn” ,every year the event ends up with an emotional note, lots of warm hugs and promises to meet up very soon!

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