Kid Centric Homes: The Future of Real Estate

If you have children and want to give them a great start in life, providing them with a home environment that challenges and encourages them is a good place to start. If you’ve never heard of a kid centric home, the informational guide below will give you details on what kid-friendly amenities these homes and environments have. What’s more, you’ll learn more about how a kid centric home environment can be designed, so your child has intellectually stimulating recreational activities combined with educational game zones that enhance a child’s intellectual development.

You already know how the home environment is essential in building a healthy and secure foundation for your child’s future. The experiential environment provided in these kid-friendly environments helps your child in everything from a learning hub with developmentally staged learning to outdoor games and fun. Read on to find out more about how kid centric homes may be your next best step to take for you and your family.

Kid Centric Homes

Before going over all the advantages of kid centric homes, it’s important to understand its definition. A kid centric home is defined as a home with international-standard facilities that help children process, develop, and nurture their intellect and talent. The development of a child intellect and talent is accomplished through multiple use-space that’s designed with the needs of young and growing children in mind.

The center of the multiple-use space is a learning hub that provides classes of ‘Live and Learn’ lessons and activities. Additionally, you can enroll your child in music, dance, theater, arts and crafts, which are activities and classes also offered at the hub learning center. The learning center provides a well-rounded education using its foundational piece of values and morals. 

Kid Centric Home Activities

At Ashiana’s child-centric homes, we offer a wide range of activities that aid the development of children – physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. Kid centric homes usually work best for your typical nuclear family within a designed and precise indoor and outdoor environment. The safety of the child is vital because security always plays a significant factor as parents consider where to live or purchase a home.

Every kid centric home is meant to meet the demands of vital, young, and working parents. That’s why the kid centric homes are in environmentally designed areas that have well-equipped parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, recreational activities, games, and more. 

Providing a Learning Environment in Your Home

There are real estate companies and programs that provide site visits to residential developments so you can learn about kid centric home hub management if its new to you or something you know about but want more targeted information on. One such entity that provides kid centric environments is The Live and Learn Programme which currently provides these unique and beneficial programmes in nine countries. The programmes systematically expose children to the correct balance of left-brain learning through activities.

In addition, the Live and Learn Programme was developed with the exemplary consulting firm, Hearth Education Advisors, who are based in the UK and Delhi. There’s no doubt the future of real estate will include the incorporation of kid centric homes as an option that many parents will take advantage of. Parents of children always want the best for their children, and by providing the Live and Learn Programme, parents help them begin their future in a positive, caring and stimulating learning environment.

The Future of Real Estate

Within the real estate market many parents are seeking residential areas that help provide a healthy foundation in learning for their children. In fact, in an ARUP research study, the five biggest challenges urban children have to overcome so they can learn successfully are intolerance, pollution, crime, social fears, and risk aversion. The child-friendly environmental designs help eliminate those unhealthy challenges and create community-led and morally valuable healthy projects. 

These child-friendly projects can consist of activities such as using paint and planting birthday tree gardens to learning martial arts or dancing. Some of these child-friendly environments give families a chance to have their children serve on a city council for children where they learn about societal impact. The children also learn about the challenges of taking care of the environment for future generations. 

The Benefits of Kid Centric Homes

When you live in a place that provides the facilities and amenities that Kid Centric Homes does, you’re helping your children stay a step ahead of everyone else, The ‘Live and Learn’ programmes integrate lessons which use the skills, talents, and intellectual abilities of each child. The learning hub where the ‘Live and Learn’ programmes are provided also provide music, dance, theatre, crafts robotics, tuition services, and other classes you may want for your child.

There are clear benefits to living in an environment that was designed with children in mind. Some of the benefits include but aren’t limited to:

  • The learning development of children is paramount and these kid friendly environments so learning is the focal point
  • A child shuts down learning development when they feel unsafe so first and foremost; the kid-friendly environments provide protective measures that make children and parents feel safe
  • Children learn most when they are having fun when they are developing their skills, so kid friendly environments provide a sense of adventure throughout their activities

Finally, every parent or child needs a support system. Whether the support system is after school care and activities or the services and amenities provided in respective learning environment projects, the learning hub provides what’s needed.

What You Can Do Next to Learn More

If you want to provide a home environment that serves as a strong educational foundation for your child’s future, look no further than Ashiana Housing Limited. Ashiana Housing Limited is known for its home environments where the entire kid centric experience provides invaluable benefits to a child’s holistic development. Reach out to Ashiana Housing Limited when you want to learn more about how exposing your children to a child-friendly environment can make a difference to their lifetime learning potential and success.

Every kid centric environment helps expose your child to subjects and concepts that help them understand their potential and humanity in the world around them. The way a child develops perception and ability to think about the world around them can impact their reasoning abilities and capacity to process information.

There’s nothing as important in your life as raising your children, so why not raise them in an environment that gives them the most benefits in intellectual development, emotional well-being and interpersonal relationships?

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