Living in Gurgaon on Rent OR Buying an Apartment in Bhiwadi?

Of late many families living on rent in Gurgaon have started to relocate to Bhiwadi; where they are able to buy budget-friendly homes.

Raghav and Radhika, a couple from Gurgaon also bought their new home in Bhiwadi, about a year ago. This is how they arrived at their decision to leave Gurgaon and shift to ready to move property in Bhiwadi. 

Raghav is a salaried professional who works out of Cyber City, Gurgaon. His wife Radhika is a Graphic designer and works from home. They have an 11-year-old son Rishab.

The family had been living on rent in Gurgaon for over five years and was looking to buy their own apartment in Gurgaon. They started exploring several options in Gurgaon. But, nothing in their budget excited them.

The homes they explored were either poorly maintained, did not have good security arrangements, lacked infrastructure, had seepage problems, were not child-friendly, and/or had electricity and water problems.

Home, My Happy Place

Radhika was clear what she wanted from her self-owned home. “Where we live needs to have the best of facilities for my child. The right ‘Mahaul’ for bringing up Rishab is very important to us.”

Raghav too wanted the best for the family. ”I don’t mind if our new home is far away from my office and I need to travel a long distance to work. But the home needs to be safe and secure for my family and should be the best, just what my family deserves.”

Few of his friends used to live in Bhiwadi and commute daily to Gurgaon for their jobs. They encouraged him to explore living in Bhiwadi. They explained that Bhiwadi has housing options that offer good quality construction, gated security, and facilities for children across age groups. Best of all, the property rates in Bhiwadi for modern homes are much less than those in Delhi and Gurgaon.

The Road to Home

Raghav and Radhika then decided to visit Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi. The couple loved the project and its various amenities, but they were a little sceptical about the daily commute from Raghav’s office.

Their son Rishab was excited to see other children participating in sports, dance, and theatre lessons. Rishabh’s parents were also relieved that these child-friendly facilities were provided within the complex. Whereas in Gurgaon, they would often have to move out of the housing society to take Rishabh for such classes. They also felt that easy access to such activities would considerably reduce Rishab’s screen time, and help in his overall development.

They finally agreed that they would not get such state-of-the-art amenities and facilities within their budget if they would have gone to buy apartment in Gurgaon or Delhi.

On enquiring further with his office colleagues, Raghav met many people who travelled daily from Bhiwadi to Gurgaon. They had a carpool to commute to their workplace. This was not only great for the environment but they also would save a lot on the fuel cost.

Life in Bhiwadi, Today

The family relocated to Bhiwadi about a year ago. Over time, the commute to Gurgaon has become a breeze for Raghav as there are more highways and he has made some great friends in the carpool.

Rishab’s school is just 10 minutes walk from his home. He thoroughly enjoys the kid-centric activities at Ashiana. He recently won a prize in a swimming competition. The family is brimming with joy.

Radhika says, “The best decision of our life! My husband and son are so well-settled and happy here. Thanks to the amenities around, every weekend we spend a lot of family time where we engage in activities like tennis, swimming, etc. We do not miss Gurgaon even one bit.”

The blog post is based on a true story. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our customers.

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