Myth vs. Reality: Senior Living Homes v/s Old Age Homes (Part-2)

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Senior livinghouses are often discarded by people for the reason that it is not our culture,but the truth is there’s always been a culture of independent living for seniorcitizens, which was earlier known as Vanaprastha Ashram’. Living in senior-living homes isn’tthe abandonment of seniors. It is giving them an independent life, a newbeginning, a lifestyle that is hassle-free, active, and among the community ofsimilar aged and like-minded individuals.

Below are somecommon #Myths about Senior-LivingHomes-

  • Myth#1: Old-Age Homes and Senior-Living Homes are the same

Senior Living Homes are in no way comparable to old-age homes exceptfor the fact that both are for senior citizens. Senior living homes areindividual houses where the residents are the owners of their house and areindependent to live their life on their own terms, cook, clean, and do stuff asthey please with readily available assistance but only based on their choice and not forced upon.

  • Myth#2: There are no choices or no independence in Senior-LivingHomes

Every resident is free to live their life on their own terms.Senior-Living homes allow elders in their silver years to enjoy activities thatare choice-based with an independent lifestyle.

  • Myth#3: Food in Senior-Living Homes is pathetic and no option ofcooking

This is a major myth about senior-living homes. Just like in normalhomes, residents can cook their own meals or have delicious and nutritiousmeals at the community dining cafes. It isn’t necessary to be regular in thecafe or so, people can cook some days and eat-in cafe the others.

  • Myth#4: Life is boring in a senior living community

Residents have a choice to spend their day in various activitiesand/or with their friends and neighbors. Senior-living houses are well-equippedwith various sports and recreational activities which are anything but boring!A recreational calendar with ample activities is aligned for each month to makeit fun for all.

  • Myth#5: There’s a lot of pressure on residents

Shifting to a senior-living maybe a big deal for some, but once youshift here, there’s no pressure or so. Everything is hassle-free and peaceful.The lifestyle here is perfectly balanced i.e. independent as well are undercare. There’s a community of like-minded and similar-aged people who becomefriends and family in no time. There are a number of leisure activities tospend quality time, and moreover, visitors are allowed at all times and canstay for as long as the residents please.

  • Myth#6: Senior Citizens get distant from their family

The families of the senior citizens living in senior-living homes,no doubt, can be a bit distant physically, but seeing them happy, leading ahealthy and active life, and making friends among similar-aged people, is anultimate satisfaction for the family members of the residents living here.Plus, there are no boundations for visits and stay-ins with your loved ones inthe Senior-Living homes.

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There are a lotof senior-living projects in India. One of the most popular and best-in-classsenior living homes is Ashiana Housings Senior Living Homes Project. AshianaHousing currently has three Senior Living Homes in the country i.e. AshianaNirmay (Bhiwadi, Delhi-NCR), Ashiana Shubham(Chennai) and Ashiana Utsav(Pune).  

Ashiana Housinghas been awarded No.1 in Senior LivingHomes, for 4th year in a row, by BrandX Report 2019-20 by Track2Realty. Ashiana currently serves 1800+ happyseniors.

Here’s what our residents say about us-

“Facilities and conveniencescreated in Utsav Lavasa are in a way that leads life to an independent andtension-free, that is away from the city’s cluttered atmosphere. Here alifestyle in a beautiful and serene lush green surroundings.”

– Ms. Lata Gupta

Ashiana SeniorLiving, Pune

“AshianaSenior Living has given me life to spend my second inning happily andindependently without bothering my children settled abroad.”

– Mr. Sridharan

Ashiana Senior Living, Chennai

Life atUtsav is full of joy and fun. We never thought that we could live our retiredlife, like our college days. Friends, Hobbies, Passion, Love and whatnot, wegot everything here, which got lost in the busy years of our life.”

– Ms. Geeta Thaker

Ashiana Senior Living, Pune

“Asa retired Prof. of Economics, he moved to Care Homes on his own. Though able tomove around on his own, he chose this facility for security reasons as well asfor a hassle-free life and a sense of being cared for. He feels proud to be atCare Homes and wishes to shift to Jaipur Care Homes as soon as it is launched.An avid reader, he compiled a book “Haryanvi Kahabatein” during his stayhere.”

– Ms. J. C. Rathee

Son of resident, Ashiana SeniorLiving, Bhiwadi

“Ihappen to be a patient of Spinal and Disc problems. On 23rd July, immediatelyafter attending a program on Legal problems in the TV Lounge, I found myself ina state of excruciating Back Pain and was not able to move an inch. Ms. Manjulawho was around took note of my predicament, and Lo! what a swift action by her,at lightning speed. In no time I had by my side the Estate Manager with histeam and people from Care Home, all attending to me. A special word ofappreciation for Shri Raju, the Electrician, whose handling of me was soperfect that he could put to shame the best of staff in an Orthopedic clinic.Of course, the normal services like a wheelchair, stand by ambulance, medicineswere all available. Of course, I can also never forget the helping handextended by Friends and NEIGHBOURS. Speaks of the UTSAV SPIRIT!”

– Ms. Manjula

Ashiana Senior Living, Jaipur

They arepioneers in Senior Living and because of Ashiana, we are living a peaceful,dignified, and hassle-free life, post-retirement.

– Col. & Mrs. P. C.Paliwal(retd.)

Ashiana Senior Living, Jaipur

I waslooking for a comfortable place to live after retirement with all facilitiesand services along with the company of like-minded people.

– Mr. Ganesan

Ashiana Senior Living, Chennai

All these testimonials speak forthe services of Ashiana Housing and the quality of life at our senior livinghomes. In conclusion, Senior-Living homes are not a place where people willfeel abandoned or alone. Moreover, they are places with a community ofsimilar-aged people, a hassle-free life, a place where residents lead anindependent and healthy, and happy life.

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