Raising Happy and Healthy Kids in Ashiana’s Kids-Centric Homes


Raising kids in today’s fast-paced world has become increasingly challenging for working parents. With busy schedules and long work hours, it’s becoming harder to spend quality time with children. Moreover, the external environment is becoming increasingly unsafe and unhealthy due to factors like traffic, pollution, and more. However, for those staying in housing projects, the situation is somewhat better. These housing projects offer a safer and more controlled environment for kids to grow up in. With other kids around and access to sports facilities, kids can engage in healthy activities and socialize with peers, all while staying safe within the confines of the project.


While housing projects may offer a safer environment for children, they come with their own set of challenges. Many housing projects suffer from ill-maintained facilities, and sometimes, facilities may not even be present. This can limit the opportunities for children to engage in activities and socialize with others. Thankfully, the Indian real estate market has seen the emergence of Kid Centric Homes in recent times. These homes are designed to cater specifically to the needs of children, with amenities and facilities that promote their growth and development. For working parents, KCHs offer a great solution, providing a safe and healthy environment for their children to grow up in, even in their absence.


Kid-Centric Homes vs. Normal Residential Homes


The main idea behind Kid Centric Homes is to prepare children for their future in a comprehensive manner, while regular residential homes do not prioritize the needs of growing children. Kid Centric Homes aim to improve the learning process and instill positive values, a sense of responsibility, and essential life skills from an early age. This is what sets them apart from traditional residential apartments, flats, or societies.


Ashiana Kid Centric Homes


We at Ashiana Housing are the pioneers in Kid Centric Homes in the country and currently have more than 1300 families living across our three KCH projects. Over time, we have also won multiple awards and accolades for our overall customer-centric practices and well-thought designs. While developing KCHs, our focus lies on the following five points –


1. Comprehensive development to facilitate the overall growth and development of children


Kids nowadays often spend a considerable amount of time indoors, glued to mobile phones and TV screens, which can hinder their physical, mental, and emotional growth. Fortunately, our facilities prioritize helping children identify and develop their true talents and passions to the fullest extent possible.


We offer a range of top-notch amenities such as synthetic tennis courts, indoor badminton courts, skating rinks, and swimming pools, all of which are located in open, green spaces. Additionally, our Learning Hub serves as an inspirational zone that helps children develop multifaceted personalities. Our world-class facilities and amenities are specifically designed to encourage children to explore multiple avenues, equipping them to tackle future challenges with confidence.


2. Fostering and equipping them to achieve a promising future


At Ashiana Kid Centric Homes, we house a state-of-the-art Learning Hub that serves as the cornerstone of our vision. Our Live & Learn Program is led by a dedicated learning hub manager who prepares an engaging activity calendar for each month. We also have specialized coaches for each activity to ensure that children receive the best guidance and support.


Our program offers a well-rounded mix of left-brain and right-brain activities, including music and martial arts, that facilitate balanced development. Furthermore, we host periodic special events, workshops, and excursions that offer children unique learning experiences. Participating in these activities alongside their peers fosters a sense of responsibility and enriches their lives.


With our program, children develop independence and outgoing personalities while enjoying the safety and security of a gated community. Overall, the Learning Hub and Live & Learn Program offer a comprehensive approach to child development that nurtures young minds and prepares them for a promising future.


3. Tailored and enjoyable learning experiences for young prodigies


To help children explore and develop their talents, we provide limitless exposure to a variety of activities and experiences.


At Ashiana KCHs, we focus on creating a platform for children to discover and showcase their uniqueness. We prioritize experiential learning, which helps children build confidence and express their creativity.


For example, our Space Club teaches children about the universe and allows them to make things like hydro rockets and scaled solar system models. Our Kids Fest encourages future chefs to try their culinary skills with real customers, while aspiring engineers can learn how to make ATM machines. We also have a Traffic Club to instill important road rules and other essential life skills.


In addition to these activities, we organize periodic events that engage the entire family, promoting the building of healthy relationships based on love, trust, and friendship. Overall, our KCHs are dedicated to nurturing young minds and providing opportunities for each child to grow and thrive.


4. Empathetic upbringing leads to level-headed and responsible adults


At Ashiana, we understand that it’s not just about developing a child’s talent, but also about instilling good values and morals. In fact, it is crucial as it shapes their behavior and attitude toward life.


To ensure that we are successful in achieving this, we have a series of events that are designed to promote positive characteristics during their formative years. Every quarter, we choose a value as our theme and create a calendar of activities around it. For instance, we may focus on integrity or on making people around us happy. These activities help inculcate values of being a good human being in children, which will shape them into responsible citizens of tomorrow.


5. Bringing out the disciplined multi-taskers of tomorrow


Inculcating discipline is not just a one-time affair, but a habit that needs to be practiced consistently. At Ashiana Kid Centric Homes, we believe that discipline can also be fun. Our activity managers create a structured timetable that offers a diverse range of activities that go beyond just book learning. As a result, discipline becomes an integral part of children’s lives, and multitasking becomes effortless. These habits become ingrained in children during their formative years, enabling them to become self-disciplined, organized, and better prepared to face life’s challenges, manage stress, and make healthy choices throughout their lives.


With every KCH project, our aim is to provide a nurturing environment for the children where they can learn, play, enjoy with their friends, and stay healthy and happy. For safety and security, all our campuses have CCTV cameras and guards who are always patrolling the campus. All the activity areas come with able instructors, the swimming pool has a lifeguard, and the gym comes with a professional trainer so that children never hurt themselves while trying out new things.


Our latest addition to the KCH carousel


We recently launched Amarah by Ashiana, a new Kid Centric Home in Gurgaon’s Sec-93. Amarah’s unique amenities are focused on four attributes: Learn, Nurture, Support, and Care providing a thoughtfully curated environment to encourage children to learn, explore, and unwind. Spanning 22 acres with 6.7 acres of green space, Amarah offers a 27,000 sq. ft. clubhouse serving as the primary recreational hub for families and children. The development also features a modern Learning Hub, where children can participate in various activities like arts, crafts, music, dance, and reading.


Amarah’sPlay Street Area reintroduces the traditional street playing concept, providing children with fun, laughter, and engagement with parents and friends. The street features a dry fountain, hopscotch, treehouse, maze, and other amenities, offering an unprecedented experience for children.


Other innovative playing areas include a Doorstep Playing Area located at the entrance of each block and an Adventurous Playing Area for older children. In addition to all basic amenities, Amarah has modern additions like a Central Feature Tree, Party lawn, Stepped Plaza, Stepped Green Terrace, Seating with Pergola, Yoga Lawn, Dog Park, Water Cascade, Canopy, and Gazebo.


After the astounding success of phase 1, we have recently launched phase 2 at Amarah, click here to learn more and stay tuned for the launch.


Our Kid-Centric Homes in the pink city – Jaipur


Ashiana Umang is the largest Kid-Centric Homes project in Jaipur, and an ideal location for working parents who want their children to participate in activities that contribute to their overall development. It is located near Mahindra SEZ and adjacent to Jaipur’s employment hub, making it easily accessible for children to stay home after school. Additionally, it is close to several prestigious schools in the area.


The project offers a wide range of facilities, including basic amenities, 24×7 security, power backup, and sporting facilities like walking and jogging tracks, net cricket, lawn tennis, and a kids’ play area.


There is also a central Learning Hub where children can participate in various activities like dance, music, art & craft, reading, theatre, etc. The in-house club offers a swimming pool, a kids’ pool, an AC gym, table tennis, billiards, and space for a cafeteria. 2BHK or 3BHK high-rise apartments are available in Ashiana Umang starting from Rs. 46.25 Lakhs, making it a perfect place for families looking for a ‘BehtarParvarish Ka Pata.


Click here for more detailed information on Ashiana Umang.


A final word


In conclusion, Ashiana Kid Centric Homes provide an ideal environment for children to thrive and grow into healthy and happy individuals. By focusing on the holistic development of children, KCHs promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. With a range of kid-centric facilities, such as sports areas, learning hubs, playing zones, and adventure zones, our KCHs encourage children to be active, creative, and curious, fostering their growth and learning. With a structured timetable of activities, KCHs help children develop good habits and discipline, which prepares them to face the challenges of life in a better way. Furthermore, by creating a safe and secure environment for children, with 24×7 security, power backup, and other essential amenities, we work towards building a community that prioritizes the health and happiness of children, making our KCHs a great choice for families with growing looking for an ideal living space.

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