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Jaipur is the sacred land with the ideal mixture of contemporary and traditions of historical India and is slowly becoming part of every homebuyer’s residential dream. Often referred to as the Pink City, Jaipur as a location has an aesthetically pleasing and financially viable appeal to itself. Aside from its ethnically rich and wealthy culture, the city is now slowly becoming a favourite among property owners who want to return and invest here; such is the enchantment of the metropolis. From an industrial point of view, the town has seen some major transformations within the last 2-5 years. We have already witnessed reputed industries setting base in the town and the velocity is only growing with each day. Flourishing tourism, manufacturing, export and education industries in the city and connectivity to Delhi/NCR ensures that development will keep happening at a rapid pace.

Jaipur was the first planned city of the country because of which in the smart city, old world charm and modern architecture co-exist harmoniously. There is no dearth of prime locations in the city as each location here has easy access to transportation and modern civic amenities. Top properties in Malviya Nagar, C-Scheme, Vaishali Nagar, to name a few, have the perfect amalgamation of commercial, retail and residential development and hence property values have almost doubled here. Currently the price of properties in Jaipur starts from around ₹ 1 lac while the average price of properties in Jaipur is ₹ 67.42 lacs. Overall, Jaipur has a price trend which is moving up since the last six months in FY 2019 which indicates huge demand in the real estate market and prices are on the cusp of rising.

Apart from prime residential properties, sub-markets and newly emerging pockets like Ajmer Road, Kalwar Road, Sikar Road, Tonk Road, Jagatpura and Jhotwara are also growing at a steady rate of 15-20% per year. According to majority of projects in Jaipur offer residential flats in the price range of Rs 2000-3500 per sq ft. Well-established localities like Bani Park, Durgapura, J.L.N.Marg, Mansarovar Extension, Nirman Nagar offer property in the price range of Rs 3500 – 6000 per sq ft. Jaipur’s realty market has an equal number of end users and investors. End users are largely the local users and those migrating from tier III cities in search of jobs and better living standards. Investors are those who are looking for cheaper investment options in comparison to Delhi NCR with 3 BHK being the most favored configuration.

Here we list down 15 residential areas in Jaipur for buying a home.

Ajmer Road


With Jaipur undergoing rapid expansion in recent years, one area that has seen huge growth is Ajmer Road. The six-lane Jaipur Ajmer Expressway is part of the upcoming Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor and connects two of India’s biggest metropolitan cities – Mumbai and Delhi.


The allotment of land over 3000 acres to non-polluting industries for creating an SEZ (Special Economic Zone) has triggered huge interest in this area. Real estate experts predict that this zone will offer tough competition to Gurgaon in the coming years, and it has even got the nickname Mini-Gurgaon.


Wipro, Genpact, Infosys, Deutsche Bank, JCB India Ltd, and ICICI Bank are some of the popular corporations with offices here. The huge boom in infrastructure development and the rise of jobs has led to the rapid development of affordable housing societies in Ajmer Road.


This area is a top choice for residential property buyers not just for residents of Jaipur, but also from the rest of NCR due to its excellent connectivity with other major cities in the region. It’s a planned development area approved by the JDA (Jaipur Development Authority). Meaning, real estate investments in Jaipur are likely to see huge capital appreciation in the next few years.




Mahindra SEZ

This is one of the hottest real estate investment locations in Jaipur. Mahindra SEZ is a special economic zone developed as a public-private partnership between the state of Rajasthan and Mahindra Inc.

It’s considered as one of the futuristic and upcoming residential areas in the city. With easy access to the rest of the city, this satellite town has several factors working in its favour. Presence of several reputed schools and colleges, access to quality healthcare and one of the fastest growing economic zones in the country, Mahindra SEZ is an excellent investment choice. Properties in this area have seen huge capital appreciation in the last couple of years.

With planned development zones that offer congestion-free roads and rapid infrastructure growth, Mahindra SEZ is a great residential colony in Jaipur.



South Jaipur has grown to become one of the most sought after residential areas in Jaipur, thanks to the fast infrastructure developments. This has led several leading builders from the city as well as the country to offer ultra-luxurious properties in areas in South Jaipur like Jagatpura at affordable rates.

With excellent connectivity to the rest of the city via efficient public transportation, Jagatpura is a great choice for investing in residential units in Jaipur which offers less costly residential housing facilities.

Where the property prices in Jaipur are running in crores, Jagatpura is one among the handful areas in the city that offers comfortable residential properties at affordable prices. If you are looking for budget properties with several amenities and other features, then Jagatpura is a great choice. The average price of properties in Jagatpura is around 49.85 lakhs. It’s a perfect location to prefer while making a decision to purchase the property in residential area.


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Vaishali Nagar

The prosperous suburb of Jaipur, Vaishali Nagar has a huge area. The area is divided into several colonies like Neminagar Extension, Pratapnagar, Hanuman Nagar Blocks A, B, C, Officers Campus, Gangasagar, etc.

With plenty of residential units, and lots of entertainment choices, including movie halls, shopping malls, fine-dine, and casual restaurants, Vaishali Nagar is a popular choice for families.

It has emerged as a satellite city in Jaipur, with residents having access to several outlets to meet their daily needs. KFC, Park Avenue, Reebok, Jockey, Lee, Wrangler, Inox Cinema Hall at Vaibhav Multiplex are some of the major retail outlets in Vaishali Nagar.

Vaishali Nagar also has several educational institutions including the DAV Centenary Public School, Brightlands Girls School, Tagore Public School, Ravinder Bal Bharti and several more. The famous Devranjani Music Academy has two branches in this area, and you can pursue both western as well as Indian classical music here.

Flats in Vaishali Nagar stretch from Queen’s avenue to Delhi-Ajmer Street. The great part is there are not any price range constraints in this vicinity, as it’s far already home to a big wide variety of residential properties in all budgets. Recent infrastructure developments make Vaishali Nagar a preferred choice for home buyers of all budget categories to invest in Jaipur.


Tonk Road

Tonk Road is one of the most developed residential areas in Jaipur and has earned the tag of a posh residential colony. It’s well connected to crucial points in the city. It’s just a few kilometres away from the Jaipur International Airport, Gandhinagar Jaipur railway station, Sitapura Industrial Area

Nearby hospitals include Mahatma Gandhi hospital, Narayana Hospital, Bombay hospital

Nearby college: Jaipuria


Restaurants & Hotels include: Crowne Plaza Jaipur Tonk Road, Chokhi Dhani etc

Ring Road already connects Tonk road (near Cokhi Dhani and Shivdaspura) and Ajmer road. Once completed it will ease out the traffic within the city and would pave the way for the development in the nearby area.

If you are looking for budget properties with several amenities and other features, then Tonk Road is a great choice. The average price rise of properties in this residential area has increased by 33%. It’s a perfect location to prefer while making a decision to purchase the property in residential area in Jaipur.


Sitapura Industrial Area

This is one area that has been in the spotlight in the last few months. The Sitapura Industrial Area is an upcoming industrial zone that will house 1300+ small and large scale industries across sectors – handicrafts, jewellery, garments, chemicals, food processing, manufacturing, IT, and BPOs. The overall investment in this area is estimated to be a whopping 750 billion.

The orange line of the Jaipur Metro connects Sitapura with the rest of Jaipur. The state and central government are keen on developing this area due to the large volume of exports and the huge foreign exchange it generates. Connecting Sitapura business area to Ambabari, it is approximately 23 km in duration and has 20 stations. The economic area performs an essential function in exports and consequently Forex.

Right now, property prices in this area are affordable. If you are looking to invest in property with huge capital appreciation, then you cannot go wrong with Sitapura. Maintaining these kinds of factors in mind, Sitapura is a fertile ground for investment in Jaipur and is certainly going to generate employment.


Malviya Nagar

Malviya Nagar is one of the upcoming residential areas in South Jaipur and is close to other popular residential areas like Jagatpura, Jawahar Nagar, Durgapura and Sanganer. This residential area gets its name from Madan Mohan Malviya, a renowned freedom fighter.

Malviya Nagar is well connected to the rest of the city via public transport systems including the modern low-floor buses and mini-buses. Additionally, taxis and auto rickshaws are readily available here. The Terminal 2 of Jaipur International Airport is just 5 – 10 minutes away from most areas of Malviya Nagar.

This area is close to World Trade Park and Genpact, two of the biggest corporate zones in the city. It’s a lively residential area with plenty of industrial and commercial units.

That the prices of properties in Malviya Nagar have shown up trends in the last few years. The average price of a property in this locality is around 1.42 crores and numerous big businesses have already invested in or all making plans to invest in Jaipur in this locality.



One of the poshest areas in the city, C-Scheme has always been preferred by Jaipur’s elite. If you are looking for a luxurious residential area in the heart of Jaipur, yet a locality that is secluded with plenty of greenery, then C-Scheme is a great choice. It is one among the principal valuable land marketplace of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Within walking distance to the Statue Circle and just a few minutes away from the MI Road, C-Scheme is not only a super luxurious residential area but also close to amenities. The biggest hospital in Jaipur, the SMS Hospital and the famous St. Xavier School are just a stone’s throw away from C-Scheme.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of this area is that property prices are sky-high. As it has earned the name of being one of the poshest residential enclaves in the city, property prices are significantly higher than other nearby residential areas but still it is favourite of the affluent town of human beings, who like to spend on their homes.

According to data, property prices in this locality start from 1.06 crores, and the average price is around 3.01 crores. Just like several other areas in Jaipur, properties in C-Scheme have seen huge capital appreciation in recent years.

This is one residential area that has seen first rate growth in infrastructure and significant developments in the last few years. Thanks to excellent connectivity to other residential areas in Jaipur via Tonk road and Mansarovar, the concretization of roads and various factors make Durgapura an important residential area location in Jaipur.

Durgapura has a railway station that offers passenger train connectivity to the rest of the state and the country. As over the past years, the property prices of this residential area in Jaipur has increased by 17.10%. With newly-laid concrete roads, it’s expected that this area will see a huge boom in residential properties in the next few years.


One of the biggest residential colonies in the city, Mansarovar is a huge favourite among families. With high-rise apartment complexes, Mansarovar offers a lifestyle similar to that of the big metros. It even held the title as “Asia largest colony” until the year 2010. The residential area is divided into nine sectors with ample shopping malls, retail outlets, restaurants, cinema halls, and more.

Metro connectivity to Mansarovar started on 3rd June 2015. Apart from the metro, Mansarovar is also connected to the rest of the city using low-floor buses, mini-buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws. The KL Saini Cricket Ground is in Mansarovar. It’s well connected to the major roads of Jaipur like the New Sanganer Road and Muhana Mandi.

It’s near several schools and colleges like the Cambridge Court Schools, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Maharishi Arvind College, making the area home to large student populations. The famous Iskcon Temple is in Mansarovar, and the Saket Hospital takes care of the healthcare needs of the resident population.

If you are looking for a warm, lively neighbourhood in the city, then Mansarovar is a great choice. Compared to other posh residential areas on this list, Mansarovar is quite affordable. The average price of properties here is around 49.08 lakhs.

Bani Park

This is another emerging destination to invest in Jaipur for residential properties. The average price of residential property here is around 1.76 crores, and property prices have seen an upward trend in the last six months. According to data, the property price is raised by 84.80% over the past years.

Kalwar Road

Though a popular residential area in Jaipur, Kalwar Road has seen a drop in prices in the last few months. As per the data, the price range of properties here is from 5 lakhs to 1.84 crores, with an average price of around 29.36 lakhs. If you are looking to pick properties for investment in Jaipur, then you can consider Kalwar Road.

Gopalpura Bypass

An upcoming destination in Jaipur is Gopalpura Bypass as this residential area has a huge potential for growth in the next few years. Real estate experts predict that property prices in Gopalpura Bypass are likely to shoot up once the Outer Ring Road is completed which is already under progress. Our honourable Union road minister, Nitin Gadkari has inaugurated the proposed Ring Road which will be connecting the Ajmer Road and Tonk Road and Gopalpura Bypass will offer connectivity to all areas of Jaipur within a few minutes’ drive.

Sirsi Road

Strategically located near Ajmer Road and Vaishali Nagar, Sirsi Road has emerged as a prime destination for residential properties, thanks to the availability of large pockets of land at affordable rates. According to 99acres, properties in Sirsi Road have seen capital appreciation by at least 10% in the last couple of years.

Nirman Nagar

This is another emerging posh residential destination in Jaipur. The IPS Business School, a top management educational institution, is situated here. Properties prices start from around 33 lakhs, and the average price is 1.21 crores. For the purpose of investment in Jaipur, this residential area can be a good choice as the price rise of the property over the past years has increased by 10.40%.

Source of Data: Makaan and 99acres

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