Retirement: Vacations at Senior Living

Dr. Mohandas is a resident of Ashiana Shubham situated next to Maraimalai Nagar in Chennai. SENIOR LIVING is no more just the elderly trying times. Pioneering the notion of Active Senior Living for 13 years plus, we have proudly launched another flagship project “ASHIANA SHUBHAM“. The project is the 2nd residential project categorically falling in Senior Living Class.


Retiring from work is just like a long break after spending good years of life juggling between jobs, paying dues and growing kids up. Though people will consider retirement as a break that relaxes one, we have an approach of making sure this break is turned into a great vacation that you want to spend your silver years celebrating. And as vacations owe a worry-free environment, Ashiana Shubham falls no short to be the perfect destination for the senior innings.


Mrs. and Mr. Mohandas are currently proud residents of Ashiana Shubham in Chennai. Talking about their great experience at senior living in Chennai, they shared for the super living spot as “I upload photos on Facebook. And people ask me where’s this place? Is this a foreign country? I tell them, no it’s right here in Chennai.” The hassle-free living with world class facilities makes it one of the few places in India that could be titled as “Perfect Home after Retirement”


 Residents at Ashiana Senior Living in Chennai

Project Shubham has been the most recent feather in the flagship Senior Citizen Homes and is the solution for all amenities which stand as requisites for senior assisted living. The residency project offers the very unique trial homes feature for the willing buyers which clears all the doubts so one can live the way to the future home.


The couple said while expressing their pleasant view about Ashiana Shubham that the project holds the perfect blend of nature’s peace & beauty with joyful activities & gigs for an active life for Senior Living. The place is deluged with lush green parks which are maintained by trained staff. The venue has classic green views for eco-friendly walks down the tracks and well-maintained swimming pool is the add-on apart from all the other amenities.


With Trial Living Home, the thought was to experience the way of life and the surroundings offered. During the stay here, one munches on the delicious dinners at the feasting zones and can take part in the different recreational exercises, aside from following the day by day schedule to live this lifestyle first-hand.



Ashiana Subham is ideal combination of good food, people & beautiful tracks, gardens and world-class Senior Living Facilities. With every time passing by, any individual who has worked dedicated to a better lifestyle in his/her young years would expect to have a return in the retirement period. And here, apart from all the amenities, they are rewarded with the very important peace of mind and calmness and a lifestyle of active living which is one of the key indicators for good mental and physical health.


Conclusively, the couple seemed very happy to have these luxurious amenities and sharing so, Mrs. Mohandas said that “All the verdant greenery and calm surroundings gives the peace of mind that everyone deserves at this stage of life.The necessity of senior living with proper security checks and perfect maintenance is the ideal reward for all the hard working years of life.”

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