Senior Living: Happy and Healthy Way of Living

Happiness is simply following your passion and is ageless. We adore the fact that there should be no constraints to follow your passion and one must have all freedom to live their life to the fullest. And to promote this lifestyle of living, the foundation of our Senior Living was laid where the elders in their senior innings can live a hassle-free life and follow their heart out dancing, singing or even acquiring new passions in life.

The hard work one puts in throughout their professional life is to attain peace, prosperity and health for their near dear ones and family. But talking about the elders in family, the question usually arises “What is the best lifestyle seniors should follow?”. Following up with this question, our team did some research and found out drastic conclusions about Senior Living in Bhiwadi. Out of a research based over 200 residents, it was conclusive that Ashiana Nirmay in Bhiwadi offers up to 4 times better quality of life as compared to that of people living in Delhi vs in Delhi where the physical and mental health satisfaction 32% in Bhiwadi as compared to that of 7% in Delhi.


Here is what our active and proud resident’s family of Ashiana Nirmay describes about his life in Senior Living

Resident at Ashiana Senior Living in Bhiwadi

On conversing with Granddaughter of Mr. V. K. Mehra, she told that this senior living project has brought a very positive and lively change in his Grandpa’s life and to quote, she expressed “He has been pretty happy to be here and I think day by day, he is becoming younger than older and he is becoming much happier.” With the active living, we offer a very interacting and engaging lifestyle to the seniors. From hosting competitions to providing amenities like pool or cycling tracks, providing a lifestyle that lets you follow your passion regardless of age is what make this place the real “Happy Living”. When you retire from work, it doesn’t mean that you retire from life or lifestyle. It simply means your life has just begun. And as our residents describe, this place is nothing short of heaven.

With over 13+ years of pioneering experience in active senior living in India, this project of Ashiana Senior Living is built to comfort seniors with proper safety equipment & various measurements for age relevance. Ashiana Senior Living community is 1500+ strong with healthy elders living a better, active, secure, healthy and enjoyable life. Its common knowledge that the Grandparents are always loved the most by Grandchildren. And one such granddaughter further shared her feelings about the contented life of his grandpa as “He was already living away from us and he was living alone there but here (at Ashiana Nirmay), it’s like a family for him. It’s not like just neighbors or just friends, it’s like his separate family so I’m just happy.”

Everything seems more right to us on getting such valuable feedbacks and motivates us to provide better enhanced residential experience to our buyers. With lush green surroundings and world-class amenities, the project stages a fully equipped clubhouse for various community events and gatherings. Living at Ashiana Residential Projects, stories of seniors enjoying their life has become a common tale of happiness. With affordable living for seniors to make the most of their silver years without compromising on the quality of life, Ashiana Nirmay holds to be the perfect solution for healthy and happy way to senior living.

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