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Senior Living—heaven for single retirees

Ashiana Senior Living at a Glance

After retirement, the major concern with most of the people is not about the finances but to lead an active and independent life in a suitable place because many of them plan their finances for retirement but they never plan how they want to live post-retirement. Then after retirement,most of the seniors either spend time watching television or reading newspaper and generally don’t engage themselves in any activity. For single seniors, this stage can be very stressful due to loneliness as we have seen people going to depressions, diabetic, and other such diseases. 

The senior living offers you the stability of physical and mental health condition that indeed impact your productivity and level of affluence in the best possible manner. You start to live in a society that is particularly developed as per elder preference and includes all the basic and modern facilities. In short, you can plan your 2nd inning of life in full of entertainment, with better medical assistance, sports facilities and secure environment.

Benefits of  Senior Living

Once you start living in a community of the same mindset and enriching lifestyle facilities, you gain an excellent quality of living. The senior living offers you a clean, discreet and family-based lifestyle that provides you a purpose to cherish elderly life without depending on your children. Today, majority of people are considering this concept for post-retirement because:

  • Companionship of similar age group so you don’t feel lonely
  • Lot of activities to keep you physically and mentally active
  • Dining hall which serves you Hygienic and Nutritious food
  • Emergency care with 24 hrs nurses & ambulance along with Doctor on call and OPD facilities
  • Specially designed home keeping in mind the senior's requirements like grab rails in toilets, anti-skid tiles, large switches with LED indicators, emergency buttons, arthritic friendly bath fittings etc
  • Plumber and Electrician on call and common area maintenance
  • Social activities and celebrations like month end parties, festival celebrations, birthday & anniversary celebrations etc.
  • 24 hrs security guards with CCTV and intercom facilities

#AgeingGracefully #2 | Senior Living Vs Old Age Home

How this lifestyle impacts you

The best way to live healthy is to live worry-free. In senior living facilities one doesn’t have to worry about anything because the emergency handling arrangements are already present also the design and amenities are specially made for seniors to cater their age-specific requirements. You just enjoy the facilities provided with,same age group friends. When you are staying in senior living projects, you are leading the same college life once again which is full of fun, musti and no worries.

It’s not too late to plan for a healthy and a fun-filled post retired lifestyle. Visit any of the senior living projects and experience the lifestyle they offer.


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Trial Homes: Experience Senior Living before Buying
Trial Homes: Experience Senior Living before Buying
“Jashn” at Ashiana Senior Living
“Jashn” at Ashiana Senior Living
How senior living Homes Bring Communities Closer?
How senior living Homes Bring Communities Closer?
Retirement Planning is not Just Financial Wellness
Retirement Planning is not Just Financial Wellness

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