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Indian Seniors and the working class are gradually breaking the societal norms that retired parents should live with their children. Earlier the average society was different and hence the standards that were prevalent then don’t fit in today’s average city household. In today’s life, the zeal to be independent is higher for both the senior citizens as well as the working class, moreover, our cities seem like a giant racetrack where everyone’s in a hurry to reach their goal – which is both symbolic as well a literal image today! For Senior Citizens to live in such a scenario is neither safe nor healthy.


In today’s scenario, moving out for a job and studies is very common. When most of the family is out on their jobs, studies, or for any other reasons, often there is no one to give company to the Senior Citizens let alone look after their well-being. Earlier the options for Senior Living were limited to dull & gloomy old age homes with bare minimum facilities to ensure survival, where no one was willing to go unless it was necessary.


Today, we have better options in terms of Senior Living Homes that are multiple times better than Old Age Homes in so many ways. Ditching the dorm culture of old age homes, SLHs provide independent homes (both villas and flats) to Senior Citizens which are theirs by ownership, there are multiple amenities and leisure facilities just like any other housing society. SLHs provide a better lifestyle to Senior Citizens in terms of a healthy routine, regular health check-ups, intelligent age-friendly design, 24×7 nurse & ambulance assistance, on-call doctors, and healthy vegetarian meals inculcated in the routine.



One major problem that Senior Living Homes are solving is the problem on loneliness. We often underestimate this and don’t even consider this as a problem but often it is the root cause of multiple mental illnesses like stress, anxiety, and depression. Senior Living Homes provide every resident with a community of similarly aged and like-minded individuals. In such a scenario, neighbours become friends and friends become family for lifelong in little to no time.


All the above reasons altogether continue to push more and more Senior Citizens to opt for Senior Living Homes. The Senior Living Industry is developing rapidly in the country, and they are bettering themselves in newer and more age-focused projects. Ashiana Housing is a pioneer in Senior Living Homes in the country with more than 1800 happy seniors across three projects.


Over time Ashiana has successfully been providing all that an ideal Senior Living Home should have –


● Age-friendly designs


Accidents are one of the prime reasons for injury in old age. Senior Citizens usually have a decreased motor sense and hence are more prone to accidents, thus we have intelligently designed our flats to decrease the risks of home accidents. Our design tweaks include – skid-resistant tiles in bathrooms, grabrails in wet areas, chamfered wall edges, and a wheelchair-accessible campus. All our flats and villas are equipped with Emergency Response System. We also have concierge service as well as household assistance as and when needed.


● Sense of Independence & empowerment


At Ashiana Senior Living senior citizens are not just occupying space, they are the owners of their home, unlike old age homes where everyone is just seen as an occupant. In Senior Living Homes the senior citizens are free to live their lives on their terms, while we at Ashiana design a healthy and proper routine, you can choose to follow your own if you feel like it. Ashiana makes you feel at home!


● Medical Assistance


Providing independence should not mean negligence and we at Ashiana understand that rightfully. All our Senior Citizens goo through routine health check-ups. There are on-call doctors as well as a 24×7 nurse and ambulance facility. Medical emergencies do not knock at the door before arriving, hence, we have partnered with major prominent hospitals around the location of our projects to be prepared for any emergency situation.


● A safe and healthy atmosphere


The locations of Ashiana Senior Living Homes are always away from the city’s hustle-bustle, traffic, and pollution, yet close enough to be easily accessible. Our SLHs have landscaped gardens and tree plantations to always provide you with a breath of fresh air. All our campuses have a single gated entry with 24×7 Security Guard and CCTV surveillance. Our guards also patrol the campus and are always eager to help in any form.


● Necessary and leisure facilities


Be it necessary facilities like parking, modular kitchen, power backup, security guards, landscaped gardens with walking tracks, common area maintenance, garbage collection, dining hall, etc., or leisure facilities including a clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, library, art & craft room, indoor badminton hall, music room, etc., Ashiana Housing has it all.


● A tight-knit community


Last but most definitely not least, at Ashiana, the Senior Citizens get a new and chosen family in terms of neighbors who eventually friends and family. At Ashiana, we conduct multiple events which provide you with an easy gateway to interact and know other people. Community dining is yet another effort to increase bonding among the residents.


Senior Citizens’ health and well-being are always our top priorities, and as a result, we at Ashiana provide homes with caregivers as and when needed. For terminally ill Senior Citizens we also have Continuous Care Retirement Communities with professional caregivers, doctors, and nurses.


Ashiana Senior Living Homes have won multiple awards and accolades over the years, we have also been awarded India’s No. 1 Senior Living – 5 times in a row, which we took ahead to 6 times in a row in 2022. However, these titles are just a small fraction of our motivation, our primary source of motivation is the healthy and happy Seniors who continue to stay the same at Ashiana Senior Living.


Our residents give us the zeal to outperform ourselves and holding on to that zeal, we recently launched our most Premium and Luxurious Senior Living Homes yet – Ashiana Advik. Located on Alwar Bypass Road, Bhiwadi, Advik is spread over a whopping 16.9 acres of verdant landscapes. Life at Advik will be all about living to the fullest, making friends, participating in fun activities, partying on the rooftop restaurant, or sipping a cup of hot coffee with friends in the cafe, and enjoying every moment. At Advik we bring something innovative called Activescapes – intelligently designed to keep you engaged and active at all times. Ashiana Advik comes with high-rise apartments as well as luxurious independent villas.


For exploring our other Senior Living Projects, trials, registrations, FAQs, and any other queries, click here.



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