Role of Sports in Children’s Development


Dr Rakesh is the doting father of Neha, a chirpy ten-year-old. He believes that playing sports can truly help in the holistic development of a child.


Hence, to inculcate the discipline of physical fitness and sports into Neha’s early years, he started playing badminton with her. They would play at the clubhouse of their apartment complex in Jaipur.


While the father and daughter duo enjoyed their time at the nets, they did not know the game very well. He shared, “When we moved to Ashiana Umang project, I was excited to see that the clubhouse had a state-of-the-art badminton court. I purchased a couple of racquets and began coaching my daughter with the help of YouTube tutorials. While that was a good starting point, after 6-8 months we felt we needed hands-on coaching to better our game. “



He then found out about the “Live and Learn” program at their apartment complex, where professional coaches are available to guide. And, this was indeed a “game” changer.


Here’s what Dr Rakesh has to say about this program, “With the Live and Learn program, my daughter started learning the basic techniques from experienced coaches. With the regular practice sessions with other kids and coaches and the child-friendly mahual of our complex, she has started enjoying the game and is getting better every day.”


In our conversation with Dr Rakesh, he also shared that the access to sports coaching within the apartment complex saves them the trouble of fighting the city traffic. Also, he was happy to note that Neha made many new friends and became more disciplined in her everyday life. Playing Badminton is indeed aiding her holistic development.


He shares his joy, “What amazes me is that after a few weeks of attending the program, she started coaching me. The tables have changed, and as a parent, I am proud to see that my little daughter understands the benefits of sports. Also, she now has a powerful upper hand shot that sends the opponents into a fright.”


This blog is written based on a verbal testimonial given by a current resident of the Ashiana Umang in Jaipur. The names have been changed to maintain their privacy.


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