Importance of Being Social as You Age

We humans have been social animals since times unknown. Irrespective of age, we like and try to be social consciously or subconsciously. Doctors believe that by having a good and active social life, we can avoid many health issues. The majority of the mental health of issues can be traced back to not having an active social life.


Being social is not very difficult for anyone who is a part of an organization, be it, school-going children or office-going adults. However, it can be difficult in childhood as well as in old age. Childhood isn’t ever alone for anyone as people inherently like children.


Senior Citizens often find it difficult to socialize. In an age where the body is already more prone to diseases, not being social can have adverse effects.


According to various studies, staying social can help Senior Citizens in the following ways –

  • Mental health

It is visibly true that this new urban lifestyle of being ‘alone’, not socializing much and staying glued to screens all day is the root cause of various mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression, etc.


Such terms were lesser heard of in the era of joint families – this tells a lot about the value of socializing in any individual’s life.


In old age, people get very less exposure to social life. Hence, loneliness creeps in and takes a toll on mental health. On the other hand by being social and hanging out with friends, our mind stays fresh. Consequently, the mental health stays in good shape.

  • Physical health:

Many of you might want to argue how physical health is connected to being social! But we all can agree that we might not exercise at our own will, but we’ll not refuse a football or a cricket match with our friends!


Similarly, when social, senior citizens tend to do a lot of activities that keep them healthy and fit, it may be walking, jogging, playing badminton, yoga, gym, etc., depending on their fitness levels. Moreover, when we have friends around us, we’re happier and feel more content in general. The body is already half healthy when you have a healthy mind!

  • Better habits:

We all know the value of good habits and how they are beneficial in the long run. Being social, we can form a lot of good habits, which can keep us healthy and active even in old age.


With others around us, we tend to develop good habits. In old age it is difficult to maintain a healthy eating and sleeping schedule, but when dining with a company, we tend to eat better. And it goes without saying that if we’re having a good social life, we’ll definitely sleep better.

  • Sense of belonging

Of all the age groups, Senior Citizens feel left out or alone the most. The reason is obvious, everyone gets busy with their lives and they are left all alone. Hence, we can often see groups or clubs of Senior Citizens hanging and doing stuff together.


As humans we are most open and unfiltered with people of our own age. And it is quite difficult for Senior Citizens to find and befriend people of their age, especially in standalone houses. Community living is something that can be very beneficial in such a scenario.

  • Quality of life

An amalgamation of the aforementioned points gives us a better quality of life. Looking back in our lives, our happiest moments are with people. None of us have ‘happy alone moments’ and that says a lot about human nature.


The importance of having a social life, having people around you, and having friends is quite often mis-looked at by us. Sometimes, it is too late. We end up in old age, retired, free, but alone.Hence, it is important that we keep making friends along the way. Friends and family turn this mechanical life into a more artistically beautiful one!


Role of Senior Living

Community living has been becoming increasingly popular over the years. The reasons for this are pretty much obvious. People are preferring to live in housing societies with multiple amenities present on the campus itself. Moreover, people feel more lively, active, and healthy while living in a community, rather than living in standalone houses with little or no social life.


Senior Living Homes are a relatively new addition to India’s Real Estate Market, nonetheless, they’ve gained due popularity in a few years. Senior Living Homes are simply housing societies reserved only for Senior Citizens. Flats in Senior Living Homes come with certain design tweaks to facilitate Senior Citizens. In addition to this, they also come equipped with medical facilities.


Ashiana Housing is a pioneer in Senior Living Homes in India. We’re currently serving more than 1800 happy Senior Citizens and have been awarded No. 1 Senior Living in 2021 by Track2Realty, 5th year in a row!


Our Senior Living Homes come with age friendly design and facilities, like –

  • 24×7 Nurse and Ambulance
  • Medical Room
  • OPD Facility and on-call Doctors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Complex
  • Chamfered Wall Edges
  • Skid Resistant Tiles
  • Grabrails in wet areas
  • Night Lamp in Master Bedroom

Life at our Senior Living Homes is hassle-free, active, and healthy. We’ve various activities for our residents throughout the day, which keep them engaged at all times. Our Senior Living Homes come with kitchen as well as an option for community dining.


In our Senior Living, people go from neighbors to friends in no time. They have a brilliant social life, and many of our residents are happier than ever in our Senior Living!

To know more about the life at Ashiana Senior Living, visit –

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