Which is the best senior care living that really cares?

Which is the best senior care living that really cares?


Senior Living Homes and care homes have been gaining due momentum in India over the recent years. Earlier, the senior living space only meant one thing – old age homes. However, those dingy and shady-looking dorms with bare minimum facilities have been replaced by Senior Living Homes and Care Homes for good.


What are Senior Living Homes?


Senior Living Homes are gated communities for active Senior Citizens. They are just like housing societies but exclusively for senior citizens. People aged 55 or above can live in  Senior Living Homes, however, the flats can be bought by people of any age.


Senior Living Homes are well equipped with all the amenities that you’d require in a house like – power backup, piped LPG, garbage disposal, 24×7 security, dedicated stilt and open parking, park with walking and jogging tracks, etc.


In addition to being lined up with all these amenities, good Senior Living Homes come equipped with age-friendly amenities and design tweaks like –

  • Anti-Skid Tiles
  • Grab Rails
  • Night Lamps in the master bedroom
  • Switched with LED indicators
  • Chamfered edges and corners
  • Medical room
  • OPD and doctor-on-call
  • 24×7 Nurse and Ambulance
  • Wheelchair Accessible Complex

These facilities altogether, combined with an active maintenance team, make up an ideal Senior Living Home.


What are Senior Care Homes?


Senior Care Homes or Care Homes are for Senior Citizens who are not active or in other words, are unable to do their daily tasks on their own for example brushing, bathing, washing, etc. Care Homes are also advised for Senior Citizens who are terminally ill and/or need special care and attention.


Care homes come with personal/shared room options with well-trained caregivers. Care homes have regular doctor visits and regular updates to Next of Kin are provided. In addition to this, the caregivers are well-trained and help the Senior Citizens in each and every task which includes assisted physical activities as well. An ideal Care Home has a good and healthy lifestyle with a fixed routine and healthy vegetarian meals.


What do we mean by Care?


Now, it is relatively easy to build up a few buildings and set up some amenities here and there, and do target advertising to get your business up and running, but is it sufficient? Senior Living is a space or an industry meant for highly motivated brands or companies. It is not an industry to make profits from, rather it is an industry to give back to society. It is an industry that demands continuous and proper care at affordable prices.


Any Senior Living Home that is very well constructed and is full of amenities is as good as any housing society. Unless there are design tweaks that help Senior Citizens in daily life like chamfered edges, grabrails, skid-resistant tiles, etc. it is not really a good Senior Living Home. Moving ahead, facilities are not at all good without facilitators. A team is what makes a housing society a Senior Living Home.


Ashiana Housing’s Senior Living Homes are considered one of the best Senior Living Homes in the country, and the primary reason behind that is our helping attitude. We do not see the Senior Living Space as a money-making industry. We believe in promoting the Senior Living Culture and encouraging more and more Senior Citizens to opt for it. We believe in making our Senior Living Homes communities where people strive to live.


We have more than 1800 happy Seniors living with us across our various Senior Living Projects and what keeps us going is their thankfulness and happy reviews. We have been pioneering Senior Living Homes in India and we continue to better ourselves day by day.


At our Senior Living Homes, Senior Citizens are definitely healthier and happier. Below are some major perks of living in our Senior Living Homes –

  • A healthy lifestyle –

Our Senior Living Homes have a well-structured routine for our Senior Citizens, which is a mixed bag of physical and social activities. This not only keeps them active and healthy but also pushes them to interact with people on a daily basis and make friends.

  • A close-knit community –

Our Senior Living Homes form a closely-knit community over time as neighbors become the best of friends. Most seniors who live with us claim that they don’t even miss their families that much, all thanks to the friends that they’ve made here in our SLHs.

  • Independence –

It is considered less safe to leave Senior Citizens unattended in standalone homes and traditional homes. In Senior Living Homes’s thought, there is a perfect amalgamation of safety and independence. Our age-friendly design tweaks let Senior Citizens be independent yet be safe at all times.

  • Health & Safety –

Our Senior Living Homes consist of Medical rooms, OPD service, pharmacy, and on-call doctors, which means any health-related issues are taken care of a priority basis. Moreover, our flats are equipped with easy to use Emergency Response System, and we have tie-ups with major prominent hospitals around our Senior Living Homes.




Senior Living Homes are not just steel and concrete, they are homes meant to provide Senior Citizens a healthy, active, and most importantly, a happy life. Any company/brand/builder that fails to provide such a lifestyle to Senior Citizens is not worth staying with.


Senior Living is a lifestyle, and we at Ashiana, strive to provide you with the best of it. Our in-house maintenance team and other staff members are always on the edge of their seats to help our residents in any and every way possible.


It’ll not be an overstatement to say that Ashiana Housing really cares!

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