Worried about your parents being alone while you study abroad?

A common worry in most young individuals is of their parents being alone while they go out for work or study. It need not necessarily be abroad but sometimes different cities can also mean a lot of distance, especially with the busy schedule where we don’t get time to visit our parents that frequently. Well, most people appoint a caretaker or a full-time servant to always take care of their parents – however, is that enough?


It’s nowhere near enough – by appointing a caretaker/servant we ensure that our retired parents get all that they need be it groceries or food or any other product or service. This does not help with their well-being though. No one can stay healthy just by eating on time and not being active and social enough, let alone Senior Citizens. Besides, safety at the home may be ensured by the caretaker – but what about the safety outside the home – when your parents are out for a walk or any event or simply for a change of environment?


Parents Safe Haven for Exciting Second Inning


Senior Living Homes are boon for such a scenario – and no we’re not telling you to shift your parents to an Old Age Home! Senior Living Homes are housing projects centered around providing a holistic, healthy, active, and safe environment for Senior Citizens. SLHs are different than Old Age Homes in many ways, Firstly in SLHs residents own an apartment/villa unlike sharing dormitories in Old Age Homes. Second, Old Age Homes provide bare minimum facilities in terms of food and shelter and nothing more, however, Senior Living Homes does not just provide way better food and shelter but a college campus-like experience with swimming pools, gymnasiums, multiple sports facilities, community celebrations, events, regular health check-ups, yoga and meditation sessions, and whatnots!


Lastly, Senior Living Homes are based on the ‘living’ model as opposed to Old Age Homes’ ‘survival’ model. The whole vibe is of activity and happiness in a Senior Living Home. After you’ve read our points and have done your research as well and are convinced that Senior Living Homes are worth giving a try, the next step is to identify the best Senior Living Homes in the country!


You can do your research again, but we are taking you through a shortcut – Ashiana Housing is the pioneer in Senior Living Homes in India and has won multiple awards and accolades for its unparalleled services in the domain. We recently received the award for India’s No. 1 Senior Living – 6th year in a row, by Track2Realty.


All our Senior Living Homes are well laid out and well designed. Our locations are such that there is little to no pollution and a breath of fresh air always awaits our residents. We take care of everything from residents’ activity, routine, and social life to safety, security, and health. Ashiana Senior Living Homes give Senior Citizens a sense of independence while at the same time not compromising on their security. All our SLHs come with age-friendly design and amenities like – skid-resistant tiles, chamfered wall edges, grabrails in the bathroom, Night Lamp in the master bedroom, switches with LED indicators, flats fitted with Emergency Response System, wheelchair-accessible campus and flats, 24×7 ambulance, on-call doctors, pharmacy and utility stores, etc.


On top of the age-friendly facilities, we have general facilities that keep our residents active and provide a way to enjoy and stay social. These are – the swimming pool, gymnasium, badminton court, tennis court, clubhouse, board games, table tennis, billiards, media hall, community hall, amphitheatre, etc. Our Senior Living Homes truly encompass ‘living’ by giving an environment to Senior Citizens that are in all ways friendly for activity, socializing, and reliving their passions. In addition to our facilities, we provide a community of similarly aged and like-minded individuals where the neighbours become friends and friends become family in no time.


Current Senior Living Homes in India


We currently serve more than 1800 happy seniors across our three Senior Living Projects –


Recently, we’ve launched our most premium Senior Living Home yet – Ashiana Advik. Advik has all the amenities that all our SLHs have and in addition, we bring something innovative called ‘Activescapes’. Advik is designed in a manner to provide you with a plethora of opportunities to stay active and always feel alive. Click here to know more!


For further information on our Senior Living Homes, visit our site!

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