Importance of Playtime for Kids’ Development


Earlier days were simpler when children used to play outside a lot whether in the streets or parks or grounds, there was little to no pollution, and kids were safe and secured. With changing times, everything has changed, there’s pollution everywhere in the city, playing in some areas is no safer, and most importantly, kids have been replacing playing outside with playing video games.


Digitization has made our lives easier and more convenient but also shabby to some extent. Many parents promote the use of phones/tablets/laptops for their children which sticks to them as a habit. This can lead to many problems for children ranging from weak eyesight, inadequate physical movement, and addiction to screens, to improper development of cognitive abilities, and little to no social development.


Playtime is not just limited to playing outdoors it is definitely a major development path for children. Besides playing outdoors several great indoor games can also help in the brain development of children like puzzles, chess, carrom, sudoku, etc. Video games and mobile games should be avoided as much as possible and if played, then in moderation, probably once every alternate day for not more than half an hour!


How playtime for kids supports development?


While we all can agree that studies are important for all of us, we should also agree on the fact that playtime is equally important for the all-around development of children. Whether it is structured play like sports, games, events, etc., or unstructured play like playing with toys, making sandcastles, playing in the street, etc. both of them have their own benefits in the development of children.


Below are some major benefits of playtime for children –


● Physical Development and Fitness


Playing outside leads to good physical development and as a habit, it keeps children fit and healthy.


● Brain Development


Playing games like chess, puzzles, solving riddles, or treasure hunts, lead to cognitive development in kids. This includes memory as well as logical thinking.


● Social skills


When playing outside or even indoor games, kids socialize the most and also realize the value of healthy competition in life.


● Literacy and math development


Playing is something that attracts kids the most hence it can lead to kids learning new things including speaking and basic math.


● Creative thinking


When kids play they tend to become more creative, which opens up a plethora of opportunities for them as they grow up.


● Confidence and Expression


Finally, when playing with friends, kids learn to express themselves and gain self-confidence in winning or doing better in games.


Role of home in children’s playtime and overall development


It might not occur to most of us in the first place but your home plays a major role in your children’s playtime, in the way they spend their time, and consequently in their overall development. Standalone homes limit the options where children can play and spend their time in, for example, you might not have a playground nearby and even if you have one, it can happen so that your kid is a toddler but teenagers are playing cricket in the ground which can be dangerous for a toddler. Similarly, for learning sports like tennis, cricket, swimming, etc. you might have to escort your kids too far away from facilities which is again a hassle, will cost you time, as well as difficult to maintain consistency.


Imagine a functional home where all of these problems can be solved in a single place, now whatever you imagined is a reality and is called Kid Centric Home. We at Ashiana are the pioneers in the segment in India and currently serve more than 1300 happy families across –


Ashiana Umang, near Mahindra SEZ, Jaipur


Ashiana Anmol, Sohna, South Gurgaon


Ashiana Town, Sector – 39, Bhiwadi


Ashiana Umang is the largest KCH in Jaipur and is well located near the major employment hub of the city as well as in close proximity to reputed schools, healthcare centers, and shopping malls. The facilities that you’ll find at Umang include walking & jogging tracks, waterbody features, net cricket, lawn tennis, a kids’ play area, a convenience store, an in-house club, and the feather in our cap – our learning hub. The learning hub comes with multiple activity areas for music, dance, art & craft, martial arts, reading, acting, etc., where children can explore their talents and learn from able instructors.


Our latest Kid Centric Homes project is called Amarah by Ashiana and is located in Sector-93, New Gurgaon. Amarah is built around four central values: Learn, Nurture, Support, and care. With this KCH in Gurgaon, we bring back the way children use to play in old times – the innovative play street. We’ve designed street-playing areas, doorstep playing areas, and an adventurous playing area, which altogether cater to children of every age, and offer a new way for them to play, learn, and have fun with friends.


Amarah by Ashiana comes with many facilities and sports including tennis, basketball, cricket nets, swimming pools, a cycling ramp, a treehouse, hopscotch, tunnel play, a maze, a dry fountain, a central feature tree, a pet park, a yoga lawn, seating with a pergola, stepped green terrace, stepped plaza, and of course a learning hub. The clubhouse at Amarah is spread over 27000 sq ft and comes with a sports hall, a media room, a kids’ playing area, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a water cascade, a canopy & gazebo, an amphitheater, a party hall, and a cafeteria.


A part from the multiple new and innovative facilities, Ashiana Amarah as well as Ashiana Umang comes with our signature ‘Live and Learn Program’ wherein we conduct multiple mixed activities for children to broaden their horizons and transcend into adulthood with multi-faceted personalities.


Click here for more information on Amarah. For more information on Umang and our other projects visit our site.

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