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Jaipur has always been an important city in India, the cultural heritage, the tourism industry, the mineral reserves, the rich cuisine, the monuments, and the welcoming nature of people have altogether kept Jaipur at a top spot in ‘places-to-visit’ in our hearts. Real Estate investments in Jaipur were always profitable however heavily concentrated in the areas of tourist attractions.


Well, time changes and it did for good for Pink City. Shedding its image of a state with monuments, deserts, and a tourist hotspot all in all, Jaipur has evolved into becoming a metropolitan with rich urban infrastructure.


Over the years JDA (Jaipur Development Authority) has done a lot towards Jaipur’s development then be it by bringing FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) by setting up Special Economic Zones or inviting multiple IT/ITES companies by promoting Jaipur forward as a Smart City. With the urban infrastructural and industrial development what followed is better education, better healthcare, and a huge demand for residential real estate.


Real Estate Investment in Jaipur: At a Glance


Jaipur has been a great location to invest in Real Estate for the last few years now. Jaipur’s real estate demand is so organic that many investors have already seen handsome returns on their real estate investments.


Areas like Mansarovar, Vaishali Nagar, Jagatpura, Mahindra SEZ, Malviya Nagar, Tonk Road, C-Scheme, Sirsi Road, and Bani Park have already given good RoI over the past few years, while many newer areas including Ajmer Road, Vaishali Extension, Mansarovar Extension, etc. are coming up with relatively cheaper property options with equally great amenities and urban infrastructure around them.


Jaipur is not only a great investment location, but it also boasts a great lifestyle. Living in a city that encompasses a calm and serene lifestyle with rich cultural heritage as well as a modern city life with urban infrastructure, is like getting the best of both worlds – that too at a great price, when compared with the nearby metros i.e. Delhi and Gurgaon.


Why Jaipur is a great location for Real Estate Investment?


We have already looked at a variety of reasons why Jaipur is a rapidly developing metropolitan, now let us focus on these reasons in a more categorical manner –


● Tourist Hotspot –


As stated, earlier Jaipur has always been a favourite tourist destination and sees multiple domestic as well as international tourists across the year. Around 80% of international tourists in India visit Jaipur as a part of their itineraries. As we move further away from the lockdown years the tourism industry is reshaping and further opening as more and more tourists are coming to the city.


With the hybrid work culture and Work from Home, many hostel-like establishments have also emerged in the city where people tend to live for longer durations – weeks or even months, working from Jaipur and exploring the city in their free time. This has also given real estate in Jaipur a significant boost.


● Public-Private Partnerships –


Public-private partnerships are substantial in any city’s development and JDA knows this well. JDA has partnered with multiple private entities to establish Jaipur as a center of urban infrastructure and modern amenities. Two of the most significant partnerships include –


○ Mahindra SEZ


In a public-private partnership between RIICO (Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation) and Mahindra World City, Jaipur was developed as a center for companies looking to establish a base in North India. This is a multi Special Economic Zones project and is Asia’s First and World’s Largest Project to receive C40 Climate Positive Development (CPDP) Stage 2 Certification.


○ Smart City


Under the Smart City Mission, JDA partnered with CISCO to eliminate various problems including the Safety of citizens as well as tourists, Simplifying the tourist experience, and Digital Empowerment for citizens. Cisco continues to work with JDA in an attempt to further improve the living standards of the people of Jaipur as well as digitize the city with various operations including CCTV cameras and e-challans, setting up data centers, providing connectivity infrastructure, environmental monitoring, energy management, etc.


● Quality Education –


Jaipur is home to a number of prestigious schools and colleges that emphasize proper education beginning in childhood. Delhi Public School, St. Xavier’s School, Radcliffe International School, Maharaja Sawai Maan Singh Vidyalaya, Jayshree Periwal High School, and others are among the most popular.


MNIT, BIT Mesra, Rajasthan University, NIMS, Poornima University, Amity University, Manipal University, Banasthali Vidyapeeth, and many other prestigious colleges and universities offer higher education.


● Holistic Healthcare Centers


With growing infrastructure and growing population, it is important to have world-class healthcare centers as well. Jaipur has multiple hospitals and clinics including UCHCs (Urban Community Health Centers). Some of the prominent hospitals of Jaipur include Pristyn Care, Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, S K Soni Hospital, Monilek Hospital, and Research Centre, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Surya Hospitals, etc.


● Future Developments and Price Projection


With so much tangible development happening across the city it won’t take an eagle’s gaze to understand the future aspects of Jaipur as a real estate hotspot. The prices of property in Jaipur have been rising steadily and future projections will likely have a steep rise – as soon as the prominent under-development projects involving Jaipur are completed. Two of the most important projects which will have huge impacts on property prices in Jaipur are – Delhi-Mumbai Expressway and Delhi-Alwar RRTS (Regional Rapid Transit System).


The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is all set to be inaugurated this year and with this, the travel time from Delhi to Jaipur will reduce from 5 hours to a mere 1.5-2 hours. This will be a great milestone in increasing Jaipur’s connectivity and will bring in more investments and investors alike.


The Delhi-Alwar RRTS is said to be operative by March 2025 and will reduce the travel time between Delhi and Rajasthan for Common Folk. Moreover, the Rajasthan government was also seen showing interest in extending this corridor up to the capital city, Jaipur, however, no official statements have been made yet. Nevertheless, Delhi-Alwar RRTS will be substantial in Jaipur property price appreciation.


Growth in Upscale residential townships


As the people of Jaipur fasten their seatbelts on the development express, real estate companies are equally important in pushing the wagon. Over the years multiple real estate companies have established their residential projects in Jaipur and have brought world-class amenities and infrastructure to the common folk of the city.


Ashiana Housing is a popular name in Real Estate in the country as well as in Pink City. being operational in the city for more than 15 years, we have launched 10 residential projects over the years with the majority of them being already sold out. Our residential projects with available housing units for sale are Vrinda Gardens, Gulmohar Gardens, AshianaAmantran, Ashiana Umang, and AshianaEkansh.


Located on Ajmer Road, near Mahindra SEZ, Ashiana Umang is Jaipur’s largest Kid Centric Homes project with Ashiana’s signature Learning Hub. Our Kid Centric Homes not only focus on amenities for various sports, extracurricular activities, and learning, but also on pushing the children to participate in them as well as providing them with able instructors to assure that their feet land in the right direction.


Ashiana Umang comes with high-rise apartments with 2BHK and 3BHK configurations, multiple sports facilities, a central clubhouse, a kids playing area, and 24×7 safety and security with guards and CCTV surveillance. Currently, a 2BHK flat at Ashiana Umang starts at Rs. 45.3 Lakhs however owing to the infrastructural development and heavy demand, the prices are set to rise soon.


AshianaEkansh is our latest addition to Premium Homes in the city. Located in Mansarovar Extension, Ekansh is the center of connectivity with modern urban infrastructure all around. Ekansh is well linked with the Ajmer Road and Ring Road and is built over an area of 8.3 acres. With 9 residential towers and 560 residential units in high-rise apartments, Ekansh has ample lush green exteriors with water bodies running through the campus. Ekansh’s modern clubhouse with state-of-the-art amenities will be built over 19,600 sq. ft. and located at the beginning of the project to be well accessible by all the residential towers.


Ekansh is truly a Premium Home project with modern architecture giving you the perfect Next Level Comfort, Ekansh is all set to take you to the Next Level Living.


For information on our other projects in Jaipur, click here. Also, visit our Resale and Rental page to explore our sold-out projects.


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