Leveraging Kid-Centric Homes for a Secure Future

Maximum learning of a child happens in the initial growing years. As working parents, we don’t get time to supervise our kids’ activities. Therefore, it becomes essential to find a place which can help our kids to grow with learning. We can send our children to one of the best schools but managing a child’s activities post-school is a matter of concern. These requirements are the primary reason for the emergence of Kid-Centric Homes in Gurgaon. It is a place where kids are engaged in a meaningful and constructive way post school hours rather than spending time watching television or playing video games.


Child-centric homes are built keeping these major features in mind:


International standard infrastructure and amenities:


Kid centric amenities are very important for an appropriate learning especially when it comes to sports. Playing in a slandered size sports courts will lead them to a professional learning then playing somewhere else. Sports facilities such as tennis courts, skating rinks, swimming pools, basketball court, billiards, table tennis etc. are the part of amenities at Kid Centric Homes.


Processes that encourage learning and development:


An ideal way of developing competitive spirit and peer ship in kids, there are availability of scheduled classes of learning. In Kid Centric Homes specialized coaches, multiple activities and programs such as sports, dance, music, spoken English classes, art and craft, painting, etc. are the part of the schedule. Other than on this there are workshop with experts also available to develop better concepts.


Platform to showcase talent:


Special events, workshops, sessions and excursions are part of the regular program in kid-centric societies. This helps kids to enhance their confidence and individuality at the same time they get motivated to do better and develop a habit of healthy competitive spirit.




Safety and security are crucial part for both parents and kids, ensconced within the safety of a gated community, children have the freedom to play, explore, learn without any restrictions. Well maintained amenities along with learning programs within the campus ensure the secure environment of learning.


Activities that reinforce values:


The productive and learning programs are designed to incorporate values like high spirits, acceptance of winning and losing, peer-ship, confidence, productive thinking, and many more which enhance value system of kids for a better future.


All the above mentioned features together make Kid-Centric homes an ideal place for the overall development of the kids. It helps kids to spend after school hours in a meaningful and constructive way rather than spending time watching television or playing on mobile phones which indeed help the child grow physically & mentally.


If you are looking for such residential property in Gurgaon, Ashiana Anmol in south Gurgaon and Ashiana Town, Bhiwadi (20 mins drive from Manesar towards jaipur) are such projects in NCR. There are few more such properties like Ashiana Umang, Jaipur.

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Prateek Mishra

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Thanks for sharing the list of best schools, it's very helpful for parents who are searching a right school for there children for school admissions. keep posting.


Dear Prateek, Thank you for appreciating us! We want parents to give the best to their children always. Regards, Team Ashiana

ananya kumar

5 years  ago

Thanks for the amazing information. I now know how to keep my kids internet safe.


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