1. Why should I look for a kid-centric home? How is it different from a normal condominium?

    As a parent, you provide your child with the best of everything: the best education, best clothes, best food and more – but, what about the best home? While choosing a home, we look at the amenities from an adult perspective. Rarely, do we focus on the needs of our growing children?

    In kid-centric homes, the focus is on children. Creating a safe and nurturing space that allows kids to grow up as confident and well-balanced individuals, with valuable life-skills and leadership qualities is what child-centric homes offer.

  2. How does a home help in child development?

    A home is where your children spend most of their time. Apart from the eight or fewer hours, your child spends at school - the rest of their time is spent at home. It’s where the majority of their development happens – intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.

    Here’s an analogy that helps you understand the role of a home in a child’s development. Let’s say, you’re constructing a skyscraper. You have to ensure that the foundation is strong so that the building can stand strong and tall for years to come.

    The home environment is the foundation for your child’s future, and you need to ensure that it’s strong and sturdy, so your child can be successful in relationships, health, career and emotional well-being as they grow up.

  3. How does a home inculcate values in a child?

    Kids learn the best by imitating others – be it parents, their peers or adults. If parents spend most of their time glued to a screen, the child is likely to develop the same habit. Similarly, if a child grows up in a community, that litters, then the child is not likely to keep their surroundings clean.

    In Ashiana’s child-centric homes, your child grows in a thoughtfully designed environment that nurtures and inculcates life values in your child like – individuality, communal spirit, helping tendencies, inquisitiveness, curiosity, scientific temper and plenty more.

  4. What is Ashiana’s Live and Learn Program?

    The Live and Learn Program is the crown jewel of Ashiana’s child-centric homes, found nowhere else. It’s a specially designed child development program that is internationally recognised. Our Live and Learn Program was framed in conjunction with children’s health education advisors from the UK and a premier education consulting firm in Delhi.

    The Live and Learn program is more than an after-school activity club. It offers pre-planned activities for each month that help in all-round growth of children. It’s conducted by specially trained mentors and coaches and includes several activities like spoken English, sports, arts and crafts, music, dance, martial sports, theatre and plenty more.

  5. What facilities do you have for the kids?

    Here is a list of the few exclusive activities that we offer for kids in our homes:

    ● An age-appropriate library furnished with thousands of storybooks

    ● Indoor sports like badminton, shuttle courts, table tennis, chess, carom and more

    ● Outdoor sports like basketball courts, synthetic tennis courts, volleyball courts, football grounds, cricket grounds and more

    ● Skating rink

    ● Swimming pool

    ● Amphitheatre

    ● Well maintained parks and green areas for kids to play

    ● Spaces for multiple activities like dance, music, theatre, art and crafts, tuition classes, robotics and more

  6. What are the activities available for kid’s development?

    At Ashiana’s child-centric homes, we offer a wide range of activities that aid the development of children – physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Music, dance, theatre, art and craft, robotics, indoor and outdoor sports, swimming classes, nature classes, science exploration zones are some of the activities offered at Ashiana’s child-centric homes..

  7. What are the safety measures available for my kid?

    At Ashiana, your child can explore our gated communities without any fear and security concerns. The entire campus is monitored 24 x 7 by CCTV cameras, vetted and trained security guards. All incoming guests and service personnel are screened before they can enter the campus. The coaches for our ‘Live and Learn’ program are selected after extensive background checks.

    Simply put, Ashiana offers a safe and nurturing environment for your child to thrive and blossom.

  8. What if I have children after the possession of the flat?

    Not just parents, but also expecting parents and young couples who are planning a family in the future can purchase a child-centric home from Ashiana. Ashiana doesn’t place any restrictions on the number of kids per family, and other such limitations.

  9. What should be the age limit of the kid to purchase/rent a kid-centric home at Ashiana?

    Ashiana Housing welcomes families with kids of all ages from 0 to 16 years.

  10. What is the Learning Hub?

    The learning hub is a multiple-use space that is designed to meet the needs of growing children. It’s the epicentre of the activities on campus and it is where the classes of the ‘Live and Learn’ program are conducted. The learning hub has facilities to conduct music, dance, theatre, arts and crafts, robotics, tuition classes and more. It also has a well-stocked library with age-appropriate books and a wide range of indoor games.

  11. Is there any expert sessions conducted on the premises?

    Yes. We conduct regular training sessions for kids in their preferred sport or activity under the guidance of expert coaches as part of our ‘Live and Learn’ program. We also organize workshops and events for parents on child development and more.

  12. Are there any extra charges for the kid-centric activities?

    No. All kids can make use of the learning hub at any time. However, to enroll in classes and training conducted by special coaches, parents are required to pay the class fee.

  13. How much does living in a kid-centric home cost?

    There is no additional cost to use the facilities and amenities in our child-centric homes, apart from the initial cost you pay to take possession of your home. However, you have to pay the fees for the expert-trained classes, you enroll your child in. For the prices of available homes, get in touch with our team.


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