10 Ways Seniors Can Stay Young


Staying young isn’t an art that only a few can get a grasp of, it’s simply a mix of some healthy habits which all together keep you healthy and active even at an older age. There are multiple problems that you can encounter in old age across physical, mental, as well as cognitive health. However, you are as old as you feel, some people might experience severe back pain in their 30s, while others continue to run and jog without any pain even in their 60s.


Most people associate activity with staying healthy – while this is very true, it’s a partial truth. There are certainly other factors to take into consideration to stay healthy in the long run, let’s discuss them in detail –


Physical Health


1. Healthy Eating


The majority of our physical health depends on nutrition. Healthy eating is not just eating a balanced diet but also eating timely meals. Make sure you eat lots of seasonal fruits and veggies, as well as include protein in your diet in form of cheese, meat, and soya. A healthy diet ensures the proper functioning of your body.


2. Workout/Exercise


Make sure you get around 30-40 minutes of physical activity done daily, other than your routine activities. It can either be a morning walk/evening walk, a jogging session, hitting the gym, or playing a sport of your liking. These activities keep your muscles, bones, and heart health in the long run.


3. Quality Sleep


If your body is a machine sleeping is like turning it off. While we sleep, our body continues to work and rejuvenate. Sleep not just helps your body repair but also keeps stress at bay. Moreover, when we sleep our immune system gets stronger thus making us less prone to catch infections. If you can’t get enough sleep, try increasing your activity levels and reducing caffeine intake, and see a doctor if the problem still persists.


4. Regular Doctor Visits


While there are evident infections like cold, flu, fever, etc. there are many which are not evident until they’re at a later stage which can prove to be dangerous and life-threatening. Hence, regular doctor visits are advised, especially in old age.


Mental Health


5. Staying Social


Staying social as we age is very important to keep mental health problems at bay. Loneliness is very common in old age, the reason being the absence of similarly aged individuals around you. While younger people are away for work/education, Senior Citizens are not just alone but also there’s no one to take care of them in case of any mishap. Hence, go out for walks, make friends of your age, and socialize in every way possible.


6. Leisure Activities/Hobbies


When there’s nothing to do our mind makes up multiple imaginary scenarios and we end up stressing about them – which is totally a waste of time and energy. Get back to your long-lost hobbies and take up some new ones, after all, learning has no age!


7. Philanthropy/Volunteer Work


There are multiple ways through which you can give back to society, then be it by teaching underprivileged children for free, or hosting awareness events. This has many benefits not just for the underprivileged people but also for you, you’ll have some work at your disposal and your social life would be great too. Most importantly, you’ll be making a significant impact on the lives of people.


Cognitive Health


8. Quit Smoking and Limit Alcohol consumption


Smoking is very harmful to your body, we do not advise it at any age, but in old age, you must quit it. Smoking has a negative impact on your lungs as well as your body’s ability to do physical activities. The same is the case with alcohol, if not consumed in moderation. Hence, make sure to limit the consumption of these two, to live a healthy and active life.


9. Controlling and Monitoring Vital Functions


Monitoring the body’s vital functions is yet another important practice that you should do in old age. Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Sugar, etc. are vital functions that change significantly in face of any illness. Hence, their regular monitoring, as well as control, will definitely lead you to healthier living.


10. Mental Stimulation


Activities that stimulate your mind are important in old age. It can be playing sudoku in the newspaper or simply helping some children with their maths problems, activity is for you to decide. Our advice is to include any similar activity in your daily routine.


Role of Senior Living Homes


Senior Living Homes is housing projects which are designed and architectured in a way to provide an active and healthy lifestyle to Senior Citizens. Senior Living Homes are just like any other housing society except for the fact that only Senior Citizens live here.


Ashiana Housing is a pioneer in Senior Living Homes in the country, and we currently serve more than 1800+ happy Seniors across our four elder homes projects in the country –


Ashiana Advik, Alwar Bypass Road, Bhiwadi


Ashiana Shubham, Maraimalai Nagar, Chennai


Ashiana Nirmay, Sector-39, Bhiwadi


Ashiana Utsav, Dasve, Lavasa (Pune)


At Ashiana Senior Living, all the aforementioned factors are well taken care of. At Ashiana, Senior Citizens get –


A healthy routine – including mealtime along with healthy vegetarian meals, exercise and meditation time.


Multiple leisure activities and facilities – where you can participate not just to kill time but also to socialize with others, you get a community of similarly aged individuals.


Safety, security, and independence – At Ashiana Senior Living, you are fully independent yet never alone. All our flats are fitted with Emergency Response Systems, we have 24×7 nurse and ambulance facility as well as regular doctor visits. Convenience stores and pharmacies are within walking distance, and you can also avail of a caretaker if and when the need arises.


New Launch


Recently we launched our most Premium and Luxurious Senior Living Homes yet, in Alwar Bypass Road, Bhiwadi – Ashiana Advik. Bringing along with it a captivating and infectious energy, Advik will be built across 16.9 acres with exuberant and verdant landscapes. Advik comes with our signature age-friendly designs in High-Rise Apartments (1 BHK, 2BHK 3BHK) and independent Villas (3BHK). Ashiana Advik is not just another Senior Living Project, it comes with innovative areas in terms of Activescapes, Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Foodscapes, Sportingscapes, Festivescapes, etc.


Read more about the world-class facilities of Ashiana Advik here. To read similar blogs, visit – https://www.ashianahousing.com/blogs.

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