An NRI’s Guide to Investing in Indian Real Estate


From the beginning of time, man has been a traveller. Moving from place to place in search of food, safety and better occupational and vocational opportunities. People have now begun to settle down and identify themselves as a native of a particular geography. They still move on to greener pastures in their youth but as the twilight years approach, they crave the comfort and emotional connect they had with their homeland. Hence like migratory birds, they come back to settle down for good. The sky is the limit when it comes to housing options for NRIs who want to settle permanently in India. They can invest in residential property and build a house to stay with their family. NRIs get a lot of tax benefits if they invest in properties, assets and for various loans as well. Or if they prefer to live in a community set-up with peers for company with recreational activities, then they can opt for apartments or senior living homes. Reputed real estate players have tapped into this market by providing residential options for buyers according to their convenience, size of family, need for facilities and budget.

Explaining NRI Investments In India’s Real Estate

NRI buy property in India
Can an NRI buy property in India?
home loan to purchase property
Can NRIs get a home loan to purchase property in India?
Taxation & Subsidy

How Power of Attorney Helps NRIs to Manage their Property?
Why will NRIs invest in India?
NRI’s guide to selling property in India
NRI renting the property



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